Honest Burger

I have been looking forward to try Honest Burger when I found out, that they serve gluten-free buns as an alternative options. So those who are intolerates to gluten do not have to go for a skinny and  not be able to enjoy dining out with friends, or miss being part of the hype.

Although, Honest Burger is not new it is still going strong that you do have to queue. But I am sure there are the quiet times like with many place. We went after work so it was no surprise that this would be a peak time and we had to wait for 2 hours for a table of eight at the Soho brunch. I was glad that they took our phone number and called us when the table was ready.

It is not a surprise to why there is a queue, as the place is small. Decor is rustic and simple, which combines well with the food. Even the menu is simple with the choice of chicken, beef or vegetable burger.

I ordered the chicken burger (£8.50) and requested for the gluten-free bun. I could not see on the menu that it was actually an extra charge for exchanging it to a gluten-free bun, but our receipt showed it was an additional charge of £1. Some people can not help that they are intolerance to certain food so why should they be penalised. But at the same time I also understand that gluten-free food can be more expensive, which makes me have mixed view of the additional charge.

The burger consisted a piece of grilled chicken served with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. It was nicely seasoned piece of meat which was enjoyable with the gluten-free bun. I was glad to know that it was a grilled chicken and not a greasy deep-fried chicken which so many places like to serve in their chicken burger.

There are three different types of beef burgers to select (Beef, Cheese, Honest). The Honest burger is a combination of the beef and cheese, with the addition bacon.

On top of the standard burgers on the menu, there is a special of the day which that evening was a burger consisting of double beef patties.

All burgers comes served with rosemary salt chips, which was full of rosemary flavour but was a touch too salty. If you require extras then you can order additional sides such as House green salad and House coleslaw.

There are a range of drinks including beers, wines and soft drinks such as a homemade lemonade. It was served in a cool looking jug kinda looking glass with a long stripped straw. This look reminds me of the British seaside.

Although it was not perfect, I do like Honest Burger. I know a burger is junk food and not the first type of food I like to opt, but Honest Burgers are not the cheesy greasy burgers that other popular burger restaurant are serving. I can walk out feeling satisfying and not guilty at all for having a burger.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

Honest Burger (Soho)
4a Meard St,
W1F 0EF,



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