Le Mercury (deuxiéme)

Since I was nearby in Islington on a Sunday evening, we thought it was a good oppotunity to try Le Mercury. We have heard our friends recommend this French restaurant for serving good food at a resonable price. I will definitely agree on this after my first visit.

Le Mercury has two branches on Upper street in Islington, with Le Mercury deuixmie being their new branch and the one that we decided to try. The menu at both branches looks exactly the same and it is only the restaurant deco at deuixmie that looks more polished.

The restaurant is small but cosy, with an antic interior design. It was buzzing with people for a Sunday evening. But we were able to get a table for two.


The menu is simple, with starters and mains covered on one side of A4. There is a separate sheet of daily chef special dishes which included a Sunday roast that day.

All starters are set at one standard price, £3.95 and all mains are set at £8.95. Only dishes from the chef special is where prices vary, but they are still resonable priced.

There was temptation for me to order the Ravioli de la Mer, which consisted of a crayfish and lobster ravioli served with spinach and shellfish. It was a lovely combination of ingredients.

Although the ravioli was tempting, I started my meal with the soup of the day which was a creamy broccoli soup. The soup was full of flavour and I love the creamy texture.


I am a fish fan so you will often see me order a fish dish. But it is an ingredient that is difficult to cook perfectly, especially when I like mine cooked just right where the fish is still moist. So it was no surprise that my main was the Filet de Saumon that was served with sautéed Spinach.

The seared fillet of Salmon was a touch over cooked, but it was still better cooked then other London places. It was not too dry and it had this lovely crispy skin on top to give it another depth of texture.

I do recommend the Magret de Canard which is a roast breast of duck sitting on garlic potato mash, savoy cabbage and served with red wine jus.

There are also some sides you can order to go with your main or share on the table. All are at a standard price of (£1.95) with selection of Side Salad, French Fries or Vegetable Selection.

Although, I did not feel the mains we ordered required any side dish we did try the French Fries.

We finished our meal with a dessert and I had temptation to try the poach pear. But decided to go for the dessert of the day, which was the banaoffe pie.

The banaoffe pie was biscuits crumble topped with fresh sliced banana and caramel. It was all covered in a layered of cream and topped with chocolate sauce and a touch of strawberry sauce.

It was nice and beautifully presented but since I recently been looking at how to make it, this dessert is very easy to make and felt that I should had gone for something bit more complicated.

The creme brulee came out as expected with the caramel top. For me I found the the creme brulee bit like a jelly texture sit instead of being cremey.

I have seen review fron other bloggers on how bad the service but I actually have the opposite view. The evening we were there, the service was good although a touch bit too quick to clear our plates. But the smiley waiter apologies when he realised I was still chewing.

Overall, it was a very nice local restaurant where the food has the feeling of home. We were served decent size portion of food for the price we paid. For two including two tea we spent around £40, however I could off had a two courses instead of a three course meal.

Le Mercury (deuxiéme)
154-155 Upper Street
N1 1RA



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