Gelupo – “Can’t believe it’s coconut sorbet!”

I have been enjoying the weather we have had the last few days in London. However, Summer weather in the UK never last so we have to make the most of it, and what better way by having a gelato at Gelupo. After discovering this place a few years ago, Gelupo is still my favourite place in London for gelato.

I love Gelupo’s espresso flavoured gelato and is one for the coffee fans. But since I have had to remove coffee out of my diet, then it means I can only crave and not touch. But there are many other flavours that I can enjoy and I have found a new love which is Gelupo’s coconut sorbet.

I was surprised when I put the first spoonful of the coconut sorbet in my mouth. I asked “can this really be a sorbet?” and the answer is “yes”. I just can not believe that this was a coconut sorbet because there was no icy texture that you usually expect from a sorbet.

Gelupo’s coconut sorbet had a smooth creamy texture with coconut bits that felt like having an ice cream, and the flavour is like having a real coconut. gorgeous!

My previous review for Gelupo:

7 Archer Street,


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