Papparoti UK

Papparoti has arrived to the UK with its first shop near to Bayswater tube station. London can now enjoy freshly baked buns that were first established in Malaysia with out having to fly aboard.

The buns has a crunchy coffee caramel coating top, and inside is a soft fluffy bread which has a buttery filling. It reminds me of the Japanese and Chinese melon buns which also has that crunchy coating.

To enjoy the buns it is recommended to reheat them so they are served warm. There are even instructions on the side of the bags on how to reheat the buns. But the store will reheat them for you whether you are eating them in store or getting a takeaway.

The buns smells like coffee and they almost melt in your mouth, with a buttery taste. They make it great to have it with a coffee or tea.

Papparoti UK also serves a selection of coffees, teas, smoothies and milkshakes, including Karak tea. For some thing more special then there are also Papparoti specialities coffee like Ciocco Bianco and Rose Caffe Latte.

There are a few seats for people to enjoy a warm bun with the selection of drinks. But if you are on the go then buy a warm bun to have on the go. However, the buns do not have cheap as they will cost £2 each.

Papparoti UK
80 Queensway,
W2 3RL,


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