Shoryu Ramen Pop-Up

Shoryu will be opening a second branch in Soho later this year, but while we wait for the official launch we can enjoy Shoryu ramen in Soho with their pop- up resturant. They have been doing 50% off discount on ramen which has been extended until the end April with an extended menu. It means I can enjoy Shoryu’s gluten-free rice noodle at half the price.

If you have not read my previous post about Shoryu’s gluten free rice noodle and chicken Kara-age then you can catch up by clicking link here => Gluten Free Noodle @ Shoryu Ramen

The Tori Kara-Age Men with gluten-free rice noodle looks similar to the bowls I have had at their regent street branch. But the chicken Kara-age (deep fried chicken) was slightly different, as it had a drier batter. This probably is cheers for those who like their chicken crispier. Whereas I prefer mine with a softer batter that wrap around tender chicken that is still moist.

One of my recommendation at Shoryu is their gyoza dumplings and the one served at Shoryu pop-up is just as good to their main branch. Thin pastry containing minced meat and beautifully cooked that it is stil moist.

There has been some new dishes that I saw on the menu since I lasted visited. One of them is suited for the summer which hopefully around the corner is cold ramen called Fire and Ice Salmon Tsukemen. The dish consist of cold ramen with BBQ pork, hot smoked salmon and nitamago (half boiled egg) that is sitting on a wooden mat that is under a bed of cold ice. This is served with wasabi-tonkatsu dipping sauce.

I do like the sound of salmon ramen soup noodle, and it would be great if there was an option to have it with the gluten-free rice noodle. That would give more variety to select for gluten-free dishes.

Shoryu has taken a lot of investment in to their branding, as their bowls are now branded with their name and they even have branded wet tissue for us to clean our hands before we eat. It has an amusing packaging with it saying “like mm always told you, wash your hands before dinner”. Love it!

If you like the sound of discount and want to try ramen at Shoryu then you still have until the end of April 2013 to take advantage of the offer at Shoryu pop-up branch.

(Discount is referred is at the time of writing)

Shoryu Ramen
9 Regent Street


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