Belvedere Restaurant

Belvedere restaurant is located inside Holland Park, which is off Abbotsbury Road. You can locate the restaurant from Holland Park car park which customers are park, but charges does apply which is my only downside if I want to have lunch at Belvedere restaurant. We were dining after 6:30pm on a Saturday evening so it was free parking in the car park, which was convenient.

The location of the restaurant makes it a beautiful place to have lunch, as you can enjoy the park surrounding. Once I entered the park I almost forgotten that I was in the busy city of London. A friend said that some time you will see flamingos in the park, but I did not get the oppotunity to spot any that evening.

The interior of the restaurant has a grand design with the ballroom atmosphere. There is also a balcony that is great for the warm summer weather and soak in the surrounding of the greenery in Holland Park. I can see why Belvedere restaurant is a popular venue for wedding.

In many restaurants you will usually find square tables, and not many will offer round tables apart from Chinese restaurant. However, there are small and large round tables that make it great for group dinners. I really do like dining at round tables because it is much easy to have a conversation with large group.

The food is much of a Anglo-French cuisines, with my excitement of seeing Gratin Dauphinois in the side dishes, although I did not order it that evening. The dishes was a generous portion food so you should not walk out feeling hungry at Belvedere.

Starters I ordered the Seasonal Mushroom Tart served with Shallot Purée, Rocket and Reggiano Parmesan (£9.95). It was a beautiful tart made out of flakey pastry and it had this nutty combination flavour from the rocket leaves. The Reggiano Parmesan was a needed combination, but I the texture was too hard. If it was slightly softer then it would had been perfect.

Other starters around the table included Parfait of Foie Gras, Saffron & Pear Chutney that is served with Sourdough Toast (£12.50). The Seared Scallops with spaghetti of vegetables, Avruga Caviar, Sauce Vierge (£13.95) was a touch over-cooked, but still a nice combination of ingredients and flavour, as well beautifully presented in a scallops shell.

Mains I ordered the Baked Halibut, Beetroot Purée, Pommes Nouvelles, Spinach, Balsamic Jus (£24.95). This was baked Halibut fish sitting on a bed of Spinach, served with skin-less boiled potatoes and topped with Balsamic Jus. It was a nice alternative fish to have at a restaurant, because usually you will see salmon, cod or sea bass on many menu.

Most friends on the table went for the Donald Russell Grilled Rib-eye Steak with Hand Cut Chips, Confit Tomato and Watercress, which comes served with either the choice of Béarnaise, Snails & Garlic Butter, or Poivre Vert (£24.50). According to the menu, Donald Russell steak is from Scotland which is a Royal Warrant holder to HM The Queen Elizabeth II, and the cattles are fed on natural diets & reared traditionally. It sounds posh!

I was glad not to have ordered this dish because I thought it was a big steak that came served with stacked brick chips. If I had this dish, I would not have room for dessert. But it is a one for the beef lover!

There are many other mains on the menu that are interesting to try, such as the duck or the chicken. I hope that I will get the opportunity to visit Belvedere again and try the other mains.

Some of us finished off the meal with one of the dessert on the menu which are all priced at £7.50. I selected the Panna cotta with Lavender and Rhubarb Compote. It was a refreshing dessert and you can taste the infuse of lavender. For those that had a sweet tooth, they selected the Sticky Toffee & Apple Pudding.

I would had love to try the Moach Tart with Espresso ice cream, but unfortunately I can not have coffee so missed out on what sound like a tasty dessert for coffee lovers.

It was a pleasant evening with the food, and good service throughout the evening. The live piano that was playing in the background made it romantic, and they even played happy birthday for another table in the restaurant. Belvedere restaurant makes it a great place for special occasion with families, friend or for a romantic date.

In terms of prices, we spent about £50pp for seven people where it was a mixture of 2-3 courses. This included a bottle of red wine, still mineral water, coffee, tea and service charge.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

Belvedere Restaurant
Off Abbotsbury Road
In Holland Park
W8 6LU


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