Bright Courtyard (London)

Bright Courtyard in London is a Chinese Shanghainese restaurant opened by Shanghai Life Fashion Group. It is located on Baker Street and is a few minutes walk from the station.

The restaurant serves dim sum for lunch and main dishes all day. I have been wanting to try the dim sum at Bright Courtyard but their website does not give much information to give me the temptation to visit. However, the power of word of mouth seems to really work that I can finally tick this place off my list.

When you walk in to the restaurant, it reminded a bit of Yauatcha with a counter of a range of Bright Courtyard’s macaroons to buy. There are a range of flavours including some Oriental flavours. At my time of visit there was some Easter special macaroons which looked pretty, but probably just looking at them not as perfect to my favourite Ladurée.

There is a main dining area, as well as private areas which make it suitable for special dining occasion with friends and family. The restaurant interior has a contemporary design with the use of glass and cream, but still with some Oriental touch.

Bright Courtyard

The main menu is all on a ipad to make it bit more flashy, with a separate menu for dim sum. It would have been great if the dim sum menu was on the ipad as well. As we were just there for dim sum it was redundant.

Bright Courtyard has a range of dim sum to select from the tradition to some that are less often seen in London. The prices of the dim sum at Bright Courtyard is over £3, and with some items that are more pricey then I would pay.

We ordered a range of steamed dim sum from then menu which included some of the following.

King Prawn Dumplings (£3.60)

Bright Courtyard

Scallops Siu Mai (£3.90) which was beautiful to look. The siu mai is topped with large white scallops and garnish with cod roe that gives it the glories colour.

Bright Courtyard

Shanghai Dumplings (£3.60), was big in size but in term of the quality I felt that other restaurant make this better. The pastry was not thin enough and there was sauce but not enough.

Bright Courtyard

Char  Siu Buns (£3.50)

Bright Courtyard

Malaysian Sponge Cake (£3.20)

Bright Courtyard

Chilean Sea Bass Rolls  (£5.90) is great for those who like their spicy food. This is Chilean Sea Bass rolls that is served in a spicy soups made of dry chillies.

Bright Courtyard

There is a range of fried and grilled dim sum, and we ordered some of the following to try.

Shredded Turnip Cakes (£3.80)

Bright Courtyard

Almond and Prawn Ball (£3.90) which I do not often see in London. Prawn ball are coated with almond and each one has soup inside which make this an interesting dim sum to order.

Bright Courtyard

Baked Egg Tarts (£3.40)

Bright Courtyard

Bright Courtyard also serves a selection of congee (Chinese styled porridge made of rice). We selected the Sliced Fish Congee (£5.20) which to my surprise had fresh fish, instead of the frozen fish that many places serves. It was garnished with thinly sliced ginger which is a good complement with fish – Chinese style!

Bright Courtyard

We also ordered some selection of cheung fun which included the Cuttle Fish Cheung Fun. This is cuttle fish wrapped in crispy beancurd and then wrapped in cheung fun pastry.

Bright Courtyard

Hong Kong Mini Cheung Fun (£3), which is plain cheung fun that is mixed with peanut sauce, hoi sin sauce and soya sauce. It is actually a Hong Kong street food but you often see it being served as a dim sum dish.

Bright Courtyard

There are a range of cold dishes including the Thai Style Chicken Feet which is now a typical dim sum at restaurant. We ordered the Marinated Pork Shanks (£7).

Bright Courtyard

There are a range of dim sum special that included fresh crab meat dumpling, classic tripe sliced in black pepper sauce and warmed  glutinous rice ball with hot sesame fillings etc.

From the special, we went for the Venison Puff with Black Pepper Sauce (£4.50), which is similar to the ba Venison puff was beautiful with venison in sauce wrapped in a flakey pastry. This is similar to the shredded turnip cakes, but instead of turnip it consisted of venison in a black pepper sauce.

Bright Courtyard

Pumpkin Dumpling (£4.50) is a glutinous fried version, that is slight sweet with a chewy texture. It was beautiful shaped just like a pumpkin, that you do not want to eat. The version at Bright Courtyard is slightly bigger then the ones I have elsewhere in London. In terms of taste, then I would had preferred it to have a bit more flavour.

Bright Courtyard

We also selected a dessert dim sum from the special – ‘Gui-Hua’ Tea-Infused Jelly (£4). This is a nice refreshing dim sum that would be great for the summer. I would had preferred to have more flavoured in the jelly, then just the sweet sugar taste in the one we had at Bright Courtyard.

Bright Courtyard

Usually we have dim sum with Chinese tea, that are usually Jasmine, Oolong or Pu-erh tea. But lately I have been selecting Chrysanthemum which is a flower based tea. I found that it is usually served very light with rarely any taste, but the one at Bright Courtyard I do like. It is a great selection to have at Bright Courtyard that also goes well with the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Overall, the dim sum at Bright Courtyard are beautiful presented and the dim sum is just as good as many other places in London. Although, there are some dim sum that I feel other places in London serve them better. In terms of service then it is better than the average dim sum restaurant in London. I would consider returning in the future.

You would be looking at spending about £20-£25 per person for dim sum, including Chinese tea. Although, this really depends on what and how many dim sum you order.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

Bright Courtyard
43-45 Baker Street
W1U 8EW,


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