Are you still deciding what to do for the weekend with your friends? Then Bounce might just be the place for you and your friend. They have been brought to us by the same people who brought us bowling at All Star Lanes. However, this time they have introduced ping pong (table tennis) in London.

Just like bowling at All Star Lanes, you can play ping pong, eat and play ping pong, or just eat at the restaurant. You can even just grab a drink from the bar. But how can you come to Bounce and not book yourself on one of the ping pong table.


I was there recently for lunch for a friend’s birthday, and it really make it a great place for such an occasion. It is a good venue for organising group events, whether in the main area or in the private room.

We started off the afternoon with lunch at the restaurant. As the booking was for 10 and more, we ordered from the large table menu. This was a set menu where we had the option of two course for £17 or three courses for £20.

The starters on the set menu had 3 different sharing board option, which all had Italian cuisines influence such as salami, mozzarella and olives etc. However, most of choice to skip starter and went for two courses option, with the combination of main and dessert.

The option for mains consisted of a range of pizza or some of the following main dishes.

Pork and chirizo meatballs in pizzalola sauce, parmesan polenta chips.

Roast chicken with grilled vegetables.

Fillet of Seabream with sautéed potatoes, tomato and caper salsa (there was a £3 supplement per person added to set price menu). I selected this as my main and it was beautifully presented. The food including the fish was beautifully cooked, but I did find the taste of the fish to be slightly fishy.

Mains were followed by desserts and the set menu had a range of dessert for us to select. The following are some of what we had ordered.

Pecan Pie

I went for the bread and butter pudding, which the waiter originally served me a pecan pie and told me that is the bread and butter pudding. But I was relief that there was some one working there, that knew what a bread and pudding should really looks like.

It was a nice dessert but probably not the best I have had in London. However, it could not be as good as the brownies which was divine. The taste of the brownies reminded me of my primary school days.

The worse dessert that many people on our table would have to agree was the pear and thyme tart tartin served with clotted cream. The disappointing part of this dessert was the clotted cream that tasted like lard and not the clotted cream that I knew, which we usually get served with scones at afternoon tea. The texture itself was like lard or butter.

The food is hit and miss at Bounce, but the service at the restaurant was okay. Apart from the waiter who did not know the difference between a bread and butter pudding to a pie. Poor waiter, they need to get some taster lesson of the food served at the restaurant. Next time I visit Bounce, I shall stick with pizza and brownies!

I suppose if you are at Bounce than the highlight of the place is not the food but playing ping pong. It was great to finish of our afternoon doing some exercise, to burn off the calories. We originally booked one table, but booked an additional table with the number of people.

Prices of the ping pong table are split in to off-peak and peak categories. You can book a table for a minimum of 30 minutes which cost £10 (off-peak) and £13 (peak), or you can book it for 60 minutes per table costing £18 (off-peak) and £26 (peak).


If you are lucky then you might get to play on the Olympic 2012 table and world championship table.

I really like the idea of Bounce as ping pong is a great sport for all ages. It is a really great way to encourage more people to the sport of table tennis and to do some exercise. Also, it give us more variety of indoor activities that you can do in London and it is not just bowling.

(Prices are correct at the time of dining)

121 Holborn


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