It was a struggle to know how to celebrate my birthday this year, or whether I could. Although, I did not intended to crack my wonderful friends balance, I managed to still do this by selecting to have dinner at L’Anima. Oops! Love my friends to be able to still be there with me to celebrate my special day.

Truthfully, it was not my first choice selection as I wanted to visit Balthazar for one of my favourite cuisine – French. But as Balthazar has recently opened and has had many attention in the public eyes it was difficult to get a table at a short notice. It might have brought me a short disappointment but these days it does not really matter where I had it, as the most important is having my friends and family.

It seems like some things are made to be and celebrating my birthday at L’Anima was one of them. The atmosphere just fit with what I like, with the modern contemporary decor of the restaurant. It has a clean and sleek look to the whole place.

There was even live pianist playing that evening which sounded beautiful. We got to enjoy the music sitting at the sofa of the bar before going to the main dining area for dinner.


Most of us began our meal with a starters and I selected the Charcoal Scallops with N’Duja and Salsa Verde (£17.25).


The pasta comes in a starter sides which some of us ordered. A great option to be able to try both L’anima pasta and the meat dishes.


As I selected the scallops for my starters, my main was the wild mushroom fettuccine with black truffle (£22). I first had this dish at London Taste of London where L’Anima has been there twice that I have visited. I really adore this dish and knew that I wanted to order this as my main. It is what I refer as L’Anima signature dish.


If you do not fancy pasta then there is a range of dishes from the main course section of the menu.

The slow roasted black pig belly with n’cantarata sauce (£23.50) was one that friends recommend and it was loved by my friends on the table.


Roast Veal & Potatoes with Mammole Artichokes (£28.50).


Black Scotch Beef Tagliata, Marrow Bone, blue di Bufala & mag liocco sauce (£32.50) was like a beef mountain. This was sliced beef sitting on a standing marrow bone.


If you are watching your bank balance and do not mind on a slimmer selection of dishes then at the time we were dining, L’anima has a menu prezzo fisso that is available friday and saturday for parties up to 8 people. The 2 courses is £29.50 per person and 3 course at £35.00.

One of my friend ordered from the menu prezzo fisso and had the monkfish ‘guazzetto’ with capers & black olives. The only disappointment my friend found on this dish was the bones from the fish. Although, most monk fish you do not often find many bones. Personally, I expect a fine dining restaurant to remove as many bones from a fish but with some fish it is not always easy to remove every single little bones from a fish.


As a birthday surprise, friends ordered a bespoke cake from a Japanese cake shop. It was so made to be, as just the night before I was talking about really wanting to try this Japanese cake shop. But little did I know that my birthday cake was actually from this same place.

Although, I already had a nice piece of birthday cake. Me and a friend wanted to try the raspberry souffle (£12.50) at L’Anima. The waiter served it by making a slit in the souffle and added a spoon of vanilla ice cream and poured with sauce.

The souffle was very light and fruity. But I still prefer the souffle I had at Galvin Bristrot de Luxe (https://chechemui.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/glavin-bristrot-de-luxe), which was also where I celebrate my birthday last year. You can tell that I love souffle!



I had a beautiful birthday at L’Anima and having my friends being there to celebrating the evening with me. Thank you to my beautiful friends.

Also, the staff at L’Anima made it a wonderful birthday. I was happy to have selected L’Anima to celebrate my special day.


(Prices are correct at the time of dining)

1 Snowden St,
Broadgate West,



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