Burger and Lobster (Revisit)

Burger and Lobster has been a craze with many branches that have opened over London. From a single restaurant in Mayfair to branches in Soho, Farringdon and St Pauls. People get so excited in hearing the words Burger and Lobster, with many people still wanting to try a £20 lobster.

To me it has become my average restaurant, having been there many times. It has been a place for celebrating birthday and taking friends to try out this popular restaurant. It has also become a place to take visitors aboard to sample one of London finest place for lobster at a resonable price.

Burger and Lobster

In my many visits, I have tried the burger and of course the £20 steamed/grilled lobster. Therefore, in my recent visit I decided that it was time to try the lobster roll and I was surprise. It was not the lobster roll I expected and it provided me a surprise that I would actually recommend at Burger and Lobster for an alternative to their steamed/grilled lobster.

Lobster Roll @ Burger and Lobster

The lobster burger consisted a toasted roll that was filled with meaty lobster that is coated in a nice mayo type dressing, and sprinkled with chive. What surprise me was the roll as it tasted more of a toasted brioche, and it was this that provided a great combination. As with the other dishes it came served with fries and salads, all for £20.

It is a great alternative if you do not fancy going through lobster shells to get to the meat. However, I found that the meat in the lobster roll is more tougher. I suspect that the lobster meats are from larger lobster, like the ones you get with the sharing lobster. Although, it does not look big this was one filling dish.

My previous blog post of Burger and Lobster – https://chechemui.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/burger-and-lobster

Burger and Lobster
36 Dean Street



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