Duck and Waffle (Brunch)

Duck and Waffle is one of the popular restaurant to be dining at the moment and the main reason has to be the view. The restaurant is located on the 40th floor of Heron Tower in the City of London. It is only a few minutes walk from Liverpool Street station, which means that there is easy access to get to the restaurant.


I love the idea that it is a restaurant that is open almost 24-7, where it serves breakfast, lunch, brunch (weekend), dinner and if you still awake between 12am-5am a late night menu.

We booked well in advance a table for brunch to celebrate a friend returning back to London, and managed to get a table by the window. Although the weather was pouring with rain outside, we still got a clear view of the City of London that afternoon.


We saw that most tables ordered individual dishes, but we opted to order dishes to share. This enable us to try as many dishes on the menu. However, there are many dishes which are made in a way that is great to share.

Although it looked simple, I was tempted to order the English breakfast from the brunch favourite. But other dishes was more appropriate that afternoon, so I need to try it another time. Instead, from the brunch favourites section of the menu we ordered the BBQ spiced crispy pig ears (£4).  This was served in a brown paper bag but it did not have the red waxed sealed that I saw by other bloggers. That is a disappointment.

It was a great snack dish and you would not have known it is crispy pig ears. It was full of BBQ flavour which reminded me of bacon flavoured crisp.


Also, from the brunch favourite we ordered a Foie gras ‘all day breakfast’ (£13). This was an interested combination that was apparently served with nutella. It is a dish that you either like the taste of foie gras or not at all.

Foie gras ‘all day breakfast

There is a eggs section on the menu and we ordered three different dish to try. Let me start with introducing the duck egg en cocotte (£10). I love the presentation of this dish which came served in a stone pan on a wooden board, it gives it a rustic feel that goes well with the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.

This is a comfort food dish which I adore with the combination of duck egg, mushroom, Gruyère cheese and truffle. It comes served with sliced bread for you to dip in this soft melted dish.

Duck egg en cocotte

If you like your meat then the steak ‘n’ eggs benedict (£9) could be a choice. This is braised ox cheek with poached egg served with hollandaise sauce, all on tasted sourdough bread. I felt the poached egg was beautifully cooked which has a yellow runny egg centre.

Steak ‘n’ eggs benedict

If you like some thing simple then the duck egg in a brioche basket (£9). This was one of my favourite along with the duck egg en cocotte under the eggs section of the menu. This reminded me of a breakfast I used to make but with out the Gruyère cheese, and I used normal sliced bread instead of brioche.

Using brioche gives it a nice buttery and sweet taste. It is a great idea and shows you that brioche can be used in many way apart from buying it from the supermarket and eating straight from the package.

Duck egg in a brioche basket

We could not leave the restaurant with out ordering their signature dish, Duck and Waffle (£15). It contained a piece of waffle with duck leg confit and fried duck egg, all served with a pot of mustard maple syrup.

I adore the combination of this dish and shows you that waffle is not just for dessert. The duck was not dry, with meats still soft and moist. I am glad we ordered two to share because it was popular on the table.


We ended our brunch afternoon with dessert, and ordered almost every thing on the menu. However, we opted not to order the crispy fried mars bar as I was not a fan of mars bar. Although, I am tempted to try it another opportunity to have a look what this dish really consist.

Our table favourite dessert was the Torrejas (£8) which is soft maple caramel apples served with bread and ice cream. It tasted like bread and butter pudding. definitely a gorgeous warm dessert that is great for the winter weather.


The warm chocolate brownie (£8) although sounds like a typical dessert, it had it uniqueness. Chocolate brownies served with crunchy caramel pieces and peanut butter ice cream.

I actually did not find this dish very sweet and love the combination. The crunchy caramel was nice because it melted in your mouth. It was another satisfying dessert.

Warm chocolate brownie

The final dessert to share is the Rhubarb & Custard (£7), which is a combination of rice pudding mixed with hazelnut crumble and chunks of rhubarb. It also came served with a scoop of ice cream. The combination was nice, but I would have prefer the rhubarb to be softer.

Rhubarb & Custard

It was overall an enjoyable brunch at Duck and Waffle. The restaurant atmosphere was relax and had this rustic feel to the whole experience. There was music playing the background but not too loud that you could still have a conversation with every one on the table. I would definitely want to return for dinner in the evening, to see the night view and try dishes from the evening menu.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

Duck and Waffle
Heron Tower,
110 Bishopgate,


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