Kahve Dünyasi (London)

One evening we were searching for a place to have a drink and dessert, that we came across Kahve Dünyasi in Piccadilly Circus. The cafe produces and sells a range of chocolate and Turkish coffee. It offers both takeaway and eat-in service.

There are a range of desserts including a range of ice cream and frozen yoghurt. There are a various choice flavours from Kahve Dünyasi ice cream, such as vanilla, dark/milk chocolate, Turkish coffee, caramel etc.

You can select any of the cakes or pastries and have it served with ice cream. We selected to try the pear almond tart to be served with pistachio flavoured ice cream.

Kahve Dünyasi

They also sell macaroons in a range of flavours. But if you want good macaroons then it has to be Laudree.

Kahve Dünyasi

For the combination of wanting to still be healthy but craving for some sugar, then try the chocolate fondue which comes with fresh banana and strawberries to dip in melted chocolate. This is a great  dessert to share, although it is light to have for yourself.

Kahve Dünyasi

The place has a relax atmosphere and really nice bright lighting. Kahve Dünyasi is a nice place to meet up with friends for a drink and dessert.

Kahve Dünyasi (London)
200 Piccadilly,
W1J 9HU ,



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