Gold Mine (Bayswater)

When I think of Chinese food in London than Chinatown near Soho will first come to mind. But there are hidden gold in Bayswater and Gold Mine is one of them. It has been added to my list of places that I would recommend for roast duck in London, along with Golden Dragon and the famous Four Season.

When people talk about roast duck than Four Season would be the one place that is recommended. But recently it has been Gold Mine Chinese restaurant. Hearing much good things about Gold Mine, it has really tempted me to try and my opportunity came when we were deciding about where to have dinner after shopping nearby.

To my surprise, it was queuing for a Sunday evening but we were lucky to get a table. However, all the roast was sold out apart from the roast duck.  This did not cause as much disappointment since we were there to try out Gold Mine’s roast duck.

We ordered half roast duck on the bone and at first glance it looked as beautiful as Four Season. However, the different that I found was Gold Mine’s roast duck had more meat and less fat. It definitely get my thumb up for a leaner duck.


As well as  the tasty roast duck we also ordered two other dish – black pepper veal and a stir dried garlic vegetable. Both dish was a good portion side and meet my tasty standard.


The service was even better than many restaurant in London Chinatown. This restaurant is definitely a gold mine!

Gold Mine
102 Queensway,
W2 3RR


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