Clockjack Oven

Clockjack Oven

If you love your chicken or just feel like chicken tonight, then you might be excited to know then you have another option apart from Nandos, Kentucky fried chicken or just your local fried chicken shop. But does Clockjack Oven meet the popular Nandos in London?

We arrived around 8pm to find a queue and waited around half a hours. But the restaurant is small and I felt from me standing waiting that they were unable to turn tables. A long table was left empty for a while while each of the pairs in the queue eye curiously why we weren’t seated there. Apparently it has been reserved by a large group. But I thought this was a no booking restaurant.

There seem to be a few tables that had finish eating but still drinking which made the whole place look like it was a bar. They really need a larger shop with a dedicated bar, so those who has finish and like to keep drinking to be moved to the bar.

Finally when we sat at our table, there was already glasses of what is tap water. There was a small bowl of appetiser which are root vegetable crisp. I was hungry and was glad to have some complimentary appetiser. They were very yummy with a mix of crispy and soft crisp that are not as oily as your packet of crisp.

Clockjack Oven

The menu is small and simple where you can order chicken in 3, 4 pieces or whole (10 pieces) roast chicken.

Clockjack Oven

We ordered the 4 pieces roast chicken (£8.95) to share between two and selected two of clockjack sauces to try – BBQ and Ranch (creamy herby and garlicky sauce). However, only the BBQ arrived and the Ranch never came, which we did not bother to chase. The BBQ sauce I found too vinagery and was too watery.

The chicken itself was not over cooked but it tasted like an average roast chicken.

Clockjack Oven

Separately, we ordered Clockjack Oven what as described on the menu as a must try which is the crispy chicken bites (£4.95). The menu described as chicken marinated in buttermilk and coated in seasoned gram flour. This tasted like popcorn chicken but what I refer as posh popcorn chicken.

Clockjack Oven

With the roast chicken you can order from the selection of sides. We ordered a portion of the double cooked chips (£2.95) and the house salad (£3.95) which consisted of lettuce, sliced green apple, sage and onion balls in a ceaser dressing.

Other sides that can be selected are tomato and red onion salad or the house coleslaw.

Clockjack Oven

Clockjack Oven

There are also larger salads which contains chicken that you can order. Alternative to the roast chicken, you can select one of the Torpedo which are chicken in a buttermilk bun.

We finish the meal with a lemon tart (£4.45) served with ice cream.

Clockjack Oven

I have read mixed review about Clockjack Oven and after visiting the restaurant I can understand. It does not have the factors which Nandos has which would likely to make it a successful brand to become a franchise.

The restaurant felt more like a bar as it was noisy the evening we dine, so I do not recommend it if you looking for a quiet evening out.

(Prices correct at the time of dining)

Clockjack Oven
14 Denman Street,


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