Leong’s Legends II

It’s dumpling time at Leong’s Legends II!

The Taiwanese restaurant is located on Lisle street in London Chinatown, and is Leong’s Legends second branch. This branch is larger than their first branch, as it covers two floors.


There are many dishes to order, but of course one that you can not miss is the Siu Long Bao. There are the choice of Leong’s Siu Long Bao and/or Crab Meat Siu Long Bao, which comes with eight in a portion.

Xiao Long Bao

My favourite has to be the crab meat siu long bao, but both style are just as nice. Each dumplings are filled with hot soup, which make it nice for the cold winter weather.

Xiao Long Bao

A well-known Taiwanese dish has to be the braised belly pork rice. The pork at Leong’s Legend needs to be braised a bit more for the meat to be softer.

Belly Pork Rice

We also ordered what the menu called Casket. This is a toast designed a box and filled with a creamy filling. An innovative idea with the use of simple ingredients.


We ordered many other dishes including congee, pancakes, as well as sweet and sour pork which came served with lychee. An interesting combination from the usual vegetable.

Sweet & Sour Pork

Leong’s Legends II
26-27 Lisle Street


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