Bone Daddies

I have finally completed my London ramen’s journey (until the next new opening). Since last year it has been a ramen madness in London with one ramen restaurant opening after the next.
Having already visited Ittenbari, Tonkotsu and Shoyru it was just Bone Daddies left to visit, and excited to have the opportunity to tick this off on a Friday evening.

Even though it has opened since last year, the queue is still strong. But I suppose it was a Friday evening, but a very cold evening with fluffy snow flake drifting down from the sky.  But we still decided to queue up which was a line that start from inside the restaurant to outside.

I was glad to finally be seated and having a warm green tea and looking at the menu which was on a clipboard  – one sheet for drinks and one sheet for food. It was a rustic take which goes with the whole restaurant design.

The ramen that I do recommend is Bone Daddies Tonkotsu ramen (£11) which is served with spring onion, chashu pork in a 20 hours pork bone broth.  The pork bone broth is really creamy and full of flavour but it is fairly oily.

For a less oily soup based then try the Soy ramen (£9) which is ramen served with mizuna, onion, nori, chashu pork in a chicken bone broth.
All ramen are served with an egg, bamboo shoots and bean sprouts. But as I requested for no sesame seeds the restaurant said I could not have bamboo shoot. This was absolute fine with me and instead I ask to have it replaced for sweet corn.

As well as an ramen each, we also ordered some sides to go with it all and try. Unlike Ittenbari and Shoyru there was no gyoza to be seen on the menu at Bone Daddies.
Instead you will find fried chicken (£5) that is served with a wedge of lemon in a small bucket. Each piece are battered covered tender chicken and make it a nibble dish.
Another side we order is the soft shell crab (£8) which is served with a green chilli ginger sauce.  I found the sauce too spicy for me but it was a great compliment to the soft shell crab that is lightly battered.


Bone Daddies serves tasty ramen with an American twist. The restaurant itself looks more like a bar with the high bar tables. and the music playing in the background. The setting reminds me a bit of  Randall and Aubin seafood restaurant which is around the corner.

If you are looking for some thing that is quieter and a bit more comfy then you might want to consider going to another restaurant. I found the seating too closely pack that we  kept having to make room for the waiters to get through with the drinks and food. However, it is still a nice place to dine with friends or a date.

Bone Daddies
30-31 Peter Street,


4 thoughts on “Bone Daddies

    • Shoryu or Ittenbari is my favourite. Shoryu for their broth and gluten free noodle. Ittenbari for their ramen and value for money. I like how you can add a small bowl of cha shu rice to go with your ramen at Ittenbari.

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