Tossed (St Martins Lane)

I have the tendency to think what I want to buy for lunch and not because there are too many variety around, but because majority of the options on the shelves are just sandwiches. It is pretty hard when you trying to avoid certain ingredients such as wheat, gluten, dairy or just simply board of sandwiches.

Salads seem to be the alternative, but some time find that I do not select a box of salad even if it looks attractive because it contains ingredients that I do not want. Although, variety is good but some salads are too exotic and I just want a simple box of salads.

Recently, I discovered Tossed where you can create your own salads (medium/large) and wraps.

  1. Select one base (lettuce, noodles, rice or wrap)
  2. Choose one protein (such as bacon, chicken, falafel, prawns, salmon, tuna, turkey)
  3. Choose one deli (such as roasted pepper, sweet potatoes)
  4. Select 3 veggies (such as beansprouts, olives, sweetcorn, brocoli, shredded carrots, cucumber, fresh peppers, mushrooms, roasted potatoes, peas, red onion, spring onion, tomatoes)
  5. Add a dressing (such as caesar, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar,  sweet chilli dressing)

While you pay for you salad, it will be mixed and packaged for you to collect.

If you do not want to think and create your own, then Tossed do have ready created menu to select with your base. For those who prefer not to have salads or you want a change, then you can try Tossed hot rice or soup.

Tossed (St Martins Lane)
100 St Martins Lane,
Covent Garden,
London WC2N 4AZ


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