Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

As human we take many things for granted and food is one of them. It is not until certain food become out of reach to us that we start to treasure. It can just be the simplest food that we would never take a second look, or moan how plain some food.

We do not even always think about what ingredients are in the food we buy and eat. You might even wonder why now a day there is a section of free-form products, but there are many out there who have allergies to certain ingredients and gluten is one of them.

I have only realised how many things are made of gluten in our products these days, including breads, biscuits and brownies. It can be hard to eat out for lunch or dinner, without finding a trace of gluten.

Many places serves brownies with gluten, but there are a few places in London that actually serve gluten-free brownies without us knowing. I have been trying a few and here are my verdict of the chocolate brownies from Caffe Nero, Starbuck and SIN (from POD).

Caffe Nero – the brownies texture is dry and more crumbly. But I think it is less sweeter than Starbuck chocolate brownies. This is probably my least favourite of the ones I tried.

Starbuck – the chocolate brownies is moist like a cake and has a tasty chocolate flavour. But I would prefer it less sweeter, as it felt like having pure sugar after the brownie.

Usually the chocolate brownies are served unwrapped and displayed along with all the other cakes. But you can request for one in their packaging if you worry about cross contamination of other gluten products.


POD (Sin) – the chocolate brownies has  a similar texture to Starbuck version which is like a cake. However, it is slightly moist than the one I brought from Starbuck. There are the occasion chocolate bits which gives it some texture to the brownie. I prefer this one over the Starbuck brownies as it less sweet but probably does not have that strong chocolate flavour which you find in the Starbuck brownies.


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