Taro (Old Compton Street)

Taro reminds me of my student days when life was simple. Even a meal with friends as a student was simple because it was about being affordable. Some time the more affordable food can taste better than the food served at more expensive classy restaurant.

At Taro you can find a range of tradition Japanese food – sushi, katsu curry, bento box and ramen. I do like the hot Japanese hot food so it was not surprise I like have the don (meal on rice) at Taro. The grilled eel in teriyaki sauce don is one of my favourite, along with the salmon terriyaki don.

For more of a variety rice meal, then the bento box is a choice which comes served with sushi/sashimi and miso soup. Therefore, it is like have a starter and main all in one complete box.

As well as having a selection of rice dishes there is a range of noodle including udon, ramen and yakisoba. You are spoilt for choice at Taro.

Taro (Old Compton Street)
10 Old Compton Street,
London W1,



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