Gluten Free Noodle @ Shoryu Ramen

I did not expect to be writing about Shoryu Ramen after only sharing a review in December (, but thought it would nice to share with every one Shoryu Ramen’s gluten-free option noodle soup.

Yes, if you need a gluten-free bowl of Japanese noodle soup then try Shoryu Ramen’s Tori Kara-Age Men (or Natural for vegetarian) with gluten-free rice noodle. The menu described that it contains shitake and konbu soy broth with gluten-free aka miso, served with fried chicken, nitamago, kikurage, nori, kelp, mushrooms, four, potato starch, spring onion, rapesseed oil, fish cake.

(I could not say if this is totally gluten-free, as it described that it contains flour).

I had read from Shoryu Ramen that their kara-age is actually gluten-free. The tender chicken with ginger flavour is covered in katakuriko and then fried. I actually prefer this over a battered or breadcrumb coated deep-fried chicken as this version was less oily.

Tori  Kara-Age Men

The gluten-free rice noodle looked like thinner and lighter version of ho fun. It looked and tasted like any normal noodle, that I would not had notice that it was gluten-free rice noodle. To my surprise, I really liked my choice for the evening and probably is my current favourite at Shoryu Ramen. The gluten-free rice noodle is actually my preference over their ramen (normal hosomen noodles).

I did fill full with a portion of gyoza that we shared, but still had room for a slice of cake elsewhere in London. It felt lighter than my usual choice of Sappora Miso ramen.

Tori  Kara-Age Men

Gluten-free food has recently taken my interest, but only until you start searching do you realise that it is difficult. Going out to eat seem to be impossible for those who try or have to avoid gluten, because most dishes seem to contain some sort of gluten. It is exciting to see more restaurants like Shoryu Ramen providing more options to cater for different dietary requirements.

Even if you do need to follow gluten-free food but feel like some thing different, then you can still try this noodle as an alternative to the ramen. It is just as tasty!

Shoryu Ramen
9 Regent Street


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