Old Place (老地方) – Liverpool Street

The first time I heard about Old Place (老地方) was from friends during a foodie conversation, but it only made it to my awaiting restaurant list. It took a while before I made a visit to their Liverpool Street branch, which friends recommend as a place for Northern Chinese cuisine.

The restaurant is walking distinct from Liverpool Street station and located close to Spitalfields market. It makes it a convenient place to have a casual lunch or dinner. The restaurant decor would not be the most capturing about Old Place and it is like a mask for this recommended restaurant by many Chinese friends. But I suppose it does not need the decor with the word of mouth about their food that the restaurant serve.

My knowledge of Oriental food is well being brought up eating it almost every day. But I have to admit that my knowledge about Northern Chinese cuisine is almost zero. Although, I know noodles, dumpling and buns are best well-known for cuisine in China.

When you visit Old Place it is recommended to order their BBQ skewers dishes. It is what many would consider as special and their iconic dishes. The BBQ lamb skewer is a recommendation, which is a meat that make it great for the winter season. The lamb is tender and has that BBQ wooded taste with a hint of fire from the dried chilli sprinkled over the meat.

If you are not fond of lamb, then there are various other BBQ choice such as prawn, chicken wing, squid and even sweet corn.


Since it is cuisine from China, then dumplings and buns can not be missed on the ordering list. There are a selection to choose that range from steamed and pan-fried.



A Northern China dish to try at Old Place is their minced pork noodle. This is noodle served with mince pork in sauce with cucumbers. You have to mix all the ingredients together to eat this dish.


If  you are brave and good with fish bones then you can try the fish in hot chilli oil. The dish is served in a big bowl of hot oil with fish and various of spices. It does look scary with all those chillies but as long you are careful and you do not eat any of the chillies then the fish itself was not actually spicy. But it is definitely one oily dish!


You will be spoilt for choice with the menu at Old Place, so this restaurant is a great place to go with a group of friends. But remember to book a table or you might be waiting for a while during their busy hours.

Although, there is a variety of dishes to order, not every one of their dishes  I would consider to be the best in London. But there are some that are worth ordering and waiting. At Old Place you will get generous portion size and it is reasonable priced.

Do not expect much from the service and be prepare to wait for dishes to arrive at your table, especially the BBQ skewers. But I believe it is worth the wait.

Old Place (老地方) – Liverpool Street branch
88-90 Middlesex Street
E1 7EZ



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