Shoryu Ramen

Ramen seem to be London’s latest food crave, that there have been a few ramen specialist shop opening. We saw opening of:

Now at the end of 2012 the latest opening is Shoryu Ramen which is apparently the same people who brought us Japan Centre. No surprise that it is only a short walk from Japan Centre to Shoryu for a yummy bowl of ramen.


The menu is kept simple but there is a range of different toppings and broth to choose, as well as sides. There is the option to add extra toppings and seasoning to your chosen bowl of ramen. If you are still hungry and have left some of your soup then you can add extra ramen for £1.50.


Even the decoration of Shoryu is simple with wooden tables and chairs. Each tables are placed with wooden chopsticks, sauces and napkins to help ourself. The overall shop is not big so I have to say that it is not suitable for large group. But then many Japanese restaurant are known to be small and cosy.


On our first visit we were offered a plate of complimentary cabbage. At first I thought it was just plain washed cabbage. But it was actually cabbage in a Japanese dressing. It was crisp and refreshing cabbage that was very enjoyable to eat. Just like crunching on an apple!


There are a selection of drinks including tea. As we are having Japanese then I always like to order a warm pot of green tea. It make it even more enjoyable when it comes in a beautiful teapot.


Ramen is nice with some gyoza, so we decided to try Shoryu gyoza which is pan-fried pork and vegetable dumpling. It comes served with a spicy dipping sauce. I have to say this is so far the best gyoza I have eaten at a ramen restaurant. Each gyoza is wrapped in thin pastry and was pan-fried beautifully.


We tried the Shoryu Tonkotsu, which is ramen in tonkotsu pork broth with bbq pork and vegetables.

Shoryu Tonkotsu

I had the Sappora Miso which is ramen in a miso pork broth with bbq pork and vegetable. The broth was full of flavours but not over powering which made it fit for my taste.

Sapporo Miso

Shoryu ramen has to be my current favourite for ramen broth and their gyoza. But I still like Ittenbari for the concept of ordering ramen with a small bowl of char shu rice.

Ramen soup is a great food for the cold winter day and Shoryu ramen gets my thumb up to be the place for just that!

Shoryu Ramen
9 Regent Street


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