Bugis Street Brasserie

I can not remember when I last had Hainanese chicken rice in London. It must had been when I was a young teenager. Does that sound like a long time? Time does fly past quickly all at a blink of an eye. Now after so many years I am eating this tasty Hainanese chicken rice dish. However, not in a food court but at Bugis Street Brasserie that is situated as part of Millennium Gloucester hotel in London Kensington.

My favourite part about Hainanese chicken rice is the fragrant rice that has the flavour of  infused chicken. It is what make it different from just having plain steamed rice with chicken. I love the flavours of eating it with the combining it with all the flavours of the dipping that comes with it.


At Bugis Street Brasserie you can taste a range of different dishes from the Far East, without taking a long haul flight. Although, the atmosphere is not the same as being in the country itself. But if you try to forget you in London, then when you step in to the brasserie you might just think you are in the Far East.

As well as ordering a Hainanese chicken rice, we also ordered a few of the other dishes under the Singaporean and Malaysian specialities section of the menu.

Penang char kway teow – stir fried flat rice noodle (also known as ho fun) with beansprouts, Chinese pork sausage, prawn and fish cakes.


Nasi lemak – This is a dish with interesting combination of coconut rice with roasted peanuts, fried anchovies, sambal sauce, egg and fried chicken. If you love flavours then this dish is one that is full of flavours. Even for a person who is not fond of nuts, I actually liked this dish and would recommend.


Singapore laksa – noodles with seafood in a spicy coconut soup.


For drinks, Bugis Street Brasserie has a range of Oriental beverages on the menu. I ordered Chin Chow which is also known as grass jelly. It is a refreshing drink which went well with the food we ordered.


Overall, the food at Bugis Street Brasserie was nice but it could have been warmer when it arrived at our table. However, it would not stop me from visiting the brasserie again. The 50% off the total food bill with a tastecard is attracting to me to visit again.

Bugis Street Brasserie (at Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington)
140 Courtfield Road,



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