Yaki Japanese Bakery

It is food time and it is a review on Yaki Japanese bakery. But this is not a bakery that you will find Japanese bread. Instead Yaki Japanese bakery serves rice burger, okonomi-yaki, taco-yaki and tai-yaki.

The shop is located near Goodge Street tube station. It is small and the decor is simple. I probably would have easily walked pass the shop without noticing it was serving Japanese food. There is a few seats for those who prefer to eat-in over a takeaway.

Timeout was doing an offer where you can purchase a voucher for £2.50 that will give you a Japanese rice burger and a drink. This is almost half he price of the set meal. A good deal for trying out Yaki Japanese bakery for the first time.

I ordered the chicken teriyaki rice burger and a green tea. Usually rice burger I know is a little brown outside as it is pan-fried slightly, but this was as white as snow. It was like steamed rice put together and it manage to stick fairly nicely (although a slight crack appeared). As well as chicken the burger was filled with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mayonnaise. The chicken were chunky pieces which made it difficult to eat, so I would have preferred if it was more of a burger shaped.

If I get the opportunity then I will try the beef teriyaki rice burger as I expect that to be thinly sliced beef which should be easier to eat.

I also ordered the mini udon salad. The lady said they no longer do the larger udon salad but I was looking for something small to go with burger so the mini suited me fine. The salad had udon on the based with lettuce, tomatoes, sliced Japanese sweet egg and ham. It came with a dressing which you have to add otherwise it is to0 bland. The dressing was sweet and a little sour to give it a refreshing flavour.

The one item I wanted to try was freshly made Tai-Yaki (Japanese fish-shaped waffle with a choice of fillings).  Luckily, I ordered them at the same time as my burger since the two Tai-Yaki was only ready when I had finished my rice burger and salad. Unless I was super quick at eating I sure it was more than 6 minutes then advise. No matter if it was fresh and tasty then I’m happy.

There are various flavours including savoury well as sweet fillings. I choice the tradition azuki red beans and then my second one was filled with banana and chocolate. The banana and chocolate is one to eat warm as I love the melting texture of the banana and chocolate. Although it was nice it did not compare to the ones I had in Japan.

Yaki Japanese Bakery
53 Goodge street



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