London Olympic 2012

Summer 2012 has been busy for me, especially with work. But no matter how busy, I have tried to make time to enjoy the Olympic that had finally arrived in London. It is an event this year that I could not have missed.


I can not believe that the four year wait for Olympic in London would have arrived with a remarkable opening ceremony on Friday 27th July 2012. I celebrated this with friends over a steak evening at Hawskmoor’s private room, where we had a plasma tv to watch the opening ceremony. I could not think of any better way to watch it when we had no tickets.

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It was a opening ceremony that was full of anticipation with press talking about a farm land setting. Who would have guessed that the British farm land that opened the ceremony would magnificently changed to different scenes. It was like watching a theatre show but on wider scale. Each scene told the world some history of Britian, from the industrial revolutions to the day of technology. Although, not every part was every one taste, I am sure that every one was full of laughter from the famous Mr Bean and enjoyed the part with James Bonds, as well as the “Queen” jumping out of the helicopter in to the Olympic Stadium.

With the olympic in town it was an exciting few weeks. There was so many sports that we could watch. I even enjoyed opening the television to watch badminton from morning to evening. But one of my highlights was actually being there at Wembely Arena to watch the men’s single final and men’s double final,where both was won by China. It was full of excitment although it did not go in Lee Chong Wei way, who many of us wanted to win that gold medal. I felt Lee Chong Wei deserved that gold medal as he played so well throughout the tournament, espcially having been injured and not able to play since his injury could have cost him not being about to partcipate in the Olympics. No matter he got gold or a silver, to me and many fans he will always me a gold medalist!

Before the Olympic started there was questions whether London would be ready, and many of us did not even have that urge of wanting to go in to the Olympic Stadium. But as we reach nearer to the closing of the London Olympic in August, many of us felt sad and did not want it to end. With me it did not feel complete with out visiting the Olympic Stadium.

It was really hard to get tickets which did not help with a badly designed website. So with no luck in obtaining tickets to get in to the Olympic Park during the Olympic, I tried for the Paralympic instead. After numerous attempts I finally managed to obtained tickets to watch athletic and swimming, all at a reasonable price that I could afford to take the whole family.

Being at the Olympic Stadium was just “Woah” and it felt magnificent to be soaking up the atmosphere. It was a packed stadium with us doing the Mexican wave, cheering on the GB team and each of the athletes from other countries. Our seats was brilliant and I could not be more happy, since we managed to sit in the second row of the lower tier. We even got to watch the starting line of some of the races from where we sat.

The aquatic centre seatings was not as good as the Olympic stadium although I paid more. We sat high up in the venue where we had to climb many stairs to get there. I can not imagine those who are less able to walk so many stairs would have done as my mum only manage to make it. Once we open the venue door there was a horrible air of heat coming from inside.

The Olympic park itself was big and it was like being in an amusement park. Although there was more than on huge McDonald, we still had to queue from outside to get in to the fast food chain. I suppose it was no longer a fast food chain. The food served was like any McDonald in London but the exception all meals were only served as medium and it was only the classic items being served. Even apple pie was off the menu but then it is probably not as popular compared to their burgers.

Paralympics 2012 Collage

It has been a wonderful summer with London hosting the Olympic and Paralympic. Just seeing the amount of work that had to be done for it, such as marking of the Olympic Lanes and changing road routes. Although not all was welcome, I still managed to find clapping with excitment when i saw a bus travelling in the Olympic Lane during game hours.

Olympic 2012 Roads Collage

There was a lot of other things to get people involved, such as the different Wenlock placed in different area of London. People could go on the Olympic trails to track all the Wenlocks.

Wenlock 2012 Collage

There was many things around London to celebrate the London Olympic 2012. This included the limited edition Oyster cards. Many freebies which was also great advertisement such as Apple pins and free ice lollies being handed out at King Cross station. They were good ice cream that I have not had since I was a child and do not know when I will next have them, now the Olympic is over.

Olympic 2012 Collage


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