Hawskmoor (Guildhall)

When I ask people where is London best place to have steak, Hawskmoor is echoed. It offers various cuts (different type of steak) and some I have never heard. But it does not come cheap to dine a piece of steak at Hawskmoor, well you might get way with ordering the common rump or sirloin steak.

Dining at Hawskmoor is great in a group as you can order certain cuts to share. The atmosphere seems to change when you dining with friends along with good quality food.

We had a private room booked at Hawskmoor and the bonus was it had a plasma TV to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony. So we did not miss one of the important event this year in London. What better way to enjoy the Olympic with friends and steak.

The restaurant is based downstairs with a dark wooden atmosphere. A muscular setting which is also how I would describe a steak – masculine!

I started off my steak evening sharing two starters with a friend. We ordered the Mussels in Bacon Bone Broth – The broth was full of bacon flavour and strong flavours is what is needed in mussels.

Mussels in Bacon Bone Broth

Potted Beef & Bacon with Yorkshires – It sounds interested do you not think. This dish was presented in a way that felt rustic to me. I thought it went well with the countryside setting in the opening ceremony of the Olympic. This dish consisted of Yorkshire pudding with a jug of gravy. Then in a jar was the potter beef which was like minced beef. This is another way of having a Sunday roast.
Potted Beef & Bacon with Yorkshires

Across the table was other starters and one that gets my recommendation is Tamwort Belly Ribs. This was beautifully cooked belly ribs where the meat is soft that it would fall of its bone.

After starters it was the men of the night – our steak. The waiter brought us a range of cuts to see before we placed our order. He explained the different cuts in what was lean and what was not. It was all interested as it was like studying, but about steak. I never knew much about steak until that night.

Different Steak Cuts

I settle on the Chateaubriand which is the leanest steak and at the time cost £12.50 per 100g. We had the minimum portion of about 700g which we were advised serve two as it is usually about 300g per person. It was a lot of steak even for two in my view. It probably could just about feed three if you do not have a big steak stomach and also want sides to accompany the meat.

Chateaubriand Steak

All steaks do not come with sauce or sides, and they have to be ordered separately. We ordered a few sides to share between the table, The selection included Beef Dripping Chips, Triple Cooked Chips, Baked Sweet Potato, Onion Rings, Creamed Spinach, Roast Field Mushroom and Mash with Gravy.


If you still have room after all the steak then you can go for one of Hawskmoor selection of desserts. I was full and only went for a scoop of honeycomb ice cream.

Honeycomb Ice Cream

Whereas some of my friends still had room for larger desserts such as the apple crumbles and chocolate pudding.


It was a great evening, with great food, atmosphere and wonderful service from our waiter that evening.

Hawksmoor (Guildhall branch)
10 Basinghall Street,



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