Burger and Lobster

My wait is finally over to try out Burger and Lobster which I have heard about among food bloggers to friends. I have been wanting to visit this place but with no success getting on to the Mayfair waiting list with the no reservation list. However, recently Burger and Lobster has opened a Soho branch which is bigger. So while words are still spreading I thought let’s try to get a seat for two. Sometime when you do not plan something it sometime will happen. To my surprise we managed to get a seat with a 5 minutes wait at 7pm. The restaurant was not empty as it was buzzing with diners and there was people waiting for a table which I assume were for larger tables. However it did not take long before the queue built up.


There is no menu at Burger and Lobster, apart from a drinks menu. Well the food menu choice is small which is served all at £20: lobster, burger or a lobster roll. Although, they did offered lobsters at different weights which is basically the portion size. But of course the price will be more than £20.

To try the menu we decided to order a lobster and also a burger. Both came served with fries and salad. On my next visit I plan to try the lobster roll as that was the only item that we did not get to try.

The lobster was firstly steamed and then grilled. But we were given the option to have it just steamed. As well as fries and salad there was a jug of garlic butter to pour over the lobster. This definitely gave the lobster another flavour to it. But without it you get to enjoy the fresh taste of lobster.


The burger was like a gourmet burger which came with the option of bacon. There was tomatoes, cheese, lettuce and gherkin. The burger itself came with no sauce to allow you to customize it yourself with a selection of mayonnaise or tomato ketchup. I left my with no sauce as the beef burger was still moist with dripping juice.


After a tasty main, we finished off the meal with Burger and Lobster homemade desserts. There was two to choose, but as we could not decide which one, so we ordered one of each.

The raspberry cheesecake was a rustic dessert and show case how simple a cheesecake can be. There was raspberry bits that was mixed in creamy cheese and topped with crumbly biscuits.


The tiramisu was creamy and had a nice flavour that you expect from a good tiramisu.


Enjoy the tasty dessert with a tea, which came in a home feel mug. The design of the mug was the comic magazine that they had available in the waiting area for people to read.


Review of the Burger & Lobster Roll can be found on my Burger and Lobster (Revist) .

Burger and Lobster
36 Dean Street



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