Brasserie Blanc (Covent Garden)

Shortly after visiting Creperie Blanc I got an opportunity to visit his restaurant which at the time only just opened. The restaurant is located upstairs of Covent Garden piazza, which used to be Chez Gerard. Since becoming Brasserie Blanc it has gone through a refurbishment, giving it a fresh look. But the layout of the restaurant was not much different to when it was Chez Gerard.

I was actually looking forward to a good evening meal with friends at Raymond Blanc’s affordable restaurant. Unfortunately, it was the worst service I have had in London, from a waiter who managed to discourage me from returning. It was not a great start to our meal when we sat down and not be served drinks even after we have ordered our food. But the worse part of our evening was when the waiter asked for tips. He tried to explain to us our break down of our receipt to get the message that no service is included and to give him some. We clearly could read that service charge was discretionary. But since we were not happy with our service how can the waiter think we provide a large tips or any at all. As he was not happy with the change we left him he became sloppy about the whole tips issue.

If it was not for the service we experienced then I would have thought of returning as the food was reasonable, apart from our flambé alaska. It was definitely not a flambé dessert, but a dessert which the waiter drench in alcohol to try to get it on fire with no success. The whole dessert was just the taste of bitter alcohol. I was really looking forward to having this dessert but ended up in disappointment.

The other food we ordered on the evening:

Mussels – friend said it was better than Belgo.

Burgundian snails in garlic herb butter – this definitely can not compare with the snails served at Bristrot de  Luxe. If I want snails then it has to be at Bristrot de Luxe.

This was one of the fish dishes on the menu, which I can not remember what it was called.

One of the steak options on the menu that comes serves with fries.

This was a ruburh dessert which I found it sour for my taste.

If it was not for the service I would have gone back. But after that experience I am not sure I could return.

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