My latest trend is eating ramen, since we see the arrival of some restaurants in London specialising in ramen and I am going to start with Ittenbari. This place is located on Brewer Street which I call the Japanese street of London, as you will find a few Japanese restaurants in this area.

Ittenbari actually used to be Japanese restaurant which now looks like it has been brought and turned in to a ramen restaurant. It apparently is partnered with a sister branch in Japan called Ryukishin, so with that in mind it tempts me even more to try this place.

The menu is simple with a choice of two soup based ramen. Both have the same ingredients of sliced pork and half egg but you can choose between two different tasty soup base – soya sauce (Shio Ramen) or seafood extract (Shoyu Ramen).  There is a third soup base which is miso soup but the menu says coming soon, and having been there twice it looks like the coming soon label is going to be stuck on the menu for a while.

All soup based ramen comes in two sizes – regular or deluxe.

The deluxe comes with extra slices of pork and a whole egg instead of half.

On top of this you can add £3 to have a mini cha-shu don. Although it says mini, it can get pretty filling. But then I am a lady with a small stomach. This is a great option for people to take if they find noodle is not really filling.

It was a tasty rice which contains stir fried pork coated in a sweet and spicy sauce.

The other option, if you are still hungry and have some soup left is to order an additional portion of noodle for £1.50.

Personally, if I got to Ittenbari then I would go for their ramen soup. But there are other options such as sushi and other rice set to order if any one does not feel like ramen.

84 Brewer Street


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