Creperie Blanc

Raymond Blanc has arrived in the heart of London and what better location can he choose for his Creperie and Brasserie restaurant – Covent Garden.

My first review of Raymond’s new-born London branch will be Raymond’s Creperie. Do look out for my review of Brasserie Blanc on my website which is his affordable restaurant.

My discovery of Raymond’s Creperie was before Brasserie Blanc which is located upstairs. The Creperie is located downstairs and what seem  small with what looks like only seating outside, which is nice when the weather is beautiful for sitting outside in the heart of Covent Garden.

When I am craving for crepes, I will think of John Lewis, where I will be drooling from the smell of fresh crepes cooking at their food court. But with the opening of Raymond Blanc’s new venture, I might also think of Creperie Blanc.

The menu consists of sweet and savory crepes, as well as the option to create your own crepe with a selection of fillings.

These days I prefer my savory crepes but when scrolling through the menu, my eyes caught on to the crepe filled with chestnuts paste. An interesting filing which instantly made me think of chestnut filling cake which you can get at Chinese cake shop. It is definitely a filling you do not see in London.

I ordered the chestnut filled crepe for takeaway which came served in a papers box and cutlery. It probably not as fancy presented if I was eating in.

The crepe was filled with chestnut paste and was drenched in liquor which I could not remember the name. But I do remember having a hint of tangyiness to its taste.

The crepe was good and reasonable price for £3.50 as takeaway. However the service was slow especially for takeaway. But when I went they only had just opened for a few days and I could still see that staffs had not yet found the grip to service. Hopefully, my next visit will be better.

Creperie Blanc
Covent Garden Piazza,
Covent Garden,


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