After ticking off Pearl restaurant on my list of places to visit, I can now tick off another one. This time it is a well-known Spanish tapas restaurant, Fino. They are best known for their suckling pig and is well-remembered to me when I first had it at London Taste of Festival a few years ago.

We pre-ordered a whole roast suckling pig to share among the table, which cost £145. It was the highlight of the evening and it was under the spot lights with all our cameras. The roast was cooked as beautifully as it did at the London Taste of Festival with the crispy skin.


The taste of the suckling pig reminded me of a Christmas turkey with flavours of rosemary. But I felt it needed more taste which the sauce that came with the roast pig did not help. I actually had mine with the Brava sauce that came with the chips.


Along with the roast suckling pig we also ordered some tapas from the menu to share on the table.

Wind dried beef.


Octopus with capers.


Razor Clams – It has been a very long while when I last had razor clams and was excited to see them on the menu. We ordered 4 portions as one portion only had two, so it would not had been enough to go around the table.


Tuna Tartar – This to me tasted so oriental and I felt it was out-of-place for a Spanish tapas.




Arroz Negro – This is an ink squid rice which came served in a cute little brass pot.


Tortilla – We ordered two different tortilla to try on the evening. One was the classic which when you cut open had a running yolk inside. The other one was the chorizo tortilla, which had the additional of choriza. Both are nice with the choriza tortilla having more flavours, which was brought by the choriza itself.


Marinated chicken wings with lemon, chillies and garlic.


Donuts served with vanilla ice cream – We ordered two portions and each portion came served with three donuts. They were not mini donuts but almost the same side as an average donuts. We could have ordered one portions to share between a few of us as it was too filling for one/two people to go through it all.


Santiago Tart – This is an almond tart which was nice. But it was actually fairly sweet and probably needed some ice cream to go with it to balance it out.


Poached Pear in red wine – I think this had to be the best dessert of the evening. If I was ever to visit Fino again then this would be the dessert of my choice.


It was a great and fun evening, but it did come at a cost. We spent about £45 per person include drinks and service charge. But I expected it, with the roast suckling pig contributing to most of the cost.

One thing to note is the restaurant policy because if you book for more than eight people, then you are required to pre-order in advanced to secure the table. We were advised if you pre-order a whole suckling pig then that would be enough to secure the table. However, if you go for the smaller portion or just want to have tapas then you have to order everything in advance. Personally, I think it is annoying as you do not know what you want to eat until on the night. My advise is check with the restaurant beforehand.

Fino Restaurant
33 Charlotte Street,
W1T 1RR,
(Entrance on Rathbone Street)


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