Pearl Restaurant & Bar

Finally my long awaiting visit to Pearl restaurant is over. This restaurant has been on my list for many years but I have never got the opportunity to try out this glamorous place.

I was lucky to be able to see a Toptable offer of a 3 course meal for £35. It was definitely an unresitable offer, since ordering straight from the a la carte could set you back over £40 per head. Even their set meal was £90 per head which I probably would need to have a good justification for spending that much on a meal.

The restaurant is situated in Chancery Court hotel which is very convenient to Holborn tube station. Inside of the restaurant it has a glamorous feel with its pearls chandeliers. Although, it probably was not as bling bling as I expected. But regardless this place was classy and a great excuse to dress smartly.

The top reason for wanting to visit the resturant is not just for it glamouous setting of interior but knowing that the executive chef is Jun Tanaka.

We started with a mini bread loaf, served with butter on a wooden board, while waiting for our first course to arrive.


To our surprise, we got a complimentary appetizer which is a soup with an Oriental twist. The combination of flavours was a beautiful way to open up before our first course.


For my first course I choice the soup served with brioche. A soup that was filled with loads of vegetable which suited me well. It was also a nice soup with a French twist with the soft brioche. It was a brioche so much better than from the supermarket, which these day is too buttery for me.


Another starter that I could have chosen was the langoustine and mussels. A simple dish but was beautifully presented.


For my second course, I selected the cod which was a beautifully cooked fish. The combination of all the ingredients went really well. Although it did not look like a filling dish, it actually filled my stomach. But of course there is always still room for dessert.


Another option for the second course was the beef, which will be a great choice with meat lovers.


The third course is dessert which I think is usually the best part of a meal. I choice the poached rhubarb with gingerbread parfait with rhubarb foam. This had to be the best dessert on the selection.

When I think about rhubarb it reminds me of the rhubarb crumbles in school dinner. But I was surprise the rhubarb dessert served at Pearl restaurant was not sour at all, and it was soft. It was a great combination in not just taste but the different texture.


The other dessert apart from the cheese selection, was a homemade vanilla yoghrut with a  fruit compote.


To finish off a great meal is a cup of tea, which came served with petit fours.


This was indeed a fine dining evening, with great food that was not just tasty but beautifully presented. The service was exceptional as I would have expected. It made this a well worth dining experience with the toptable offer and getting to meet with Jun Tanaka before we left the restaurant.

Pearl Restaurant & Bar
252 High Holborn ,


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