Cote – St Pauls

Last year I visited and reviewed Cote restaurant – Covent Garden branch ( This year I got the opportunity to review its St Pauls branch, at one of their 3 private rooms. Each rooms are well equipped with the option to hire projectors, screen, flip charts and speakers etc. It makes it ideal for meetings, conferences or just for private dining.

Two of the private rooms which we were in during the evening, is more like a meeting room then a private dining room. However, the one room that does have more of a dining room setting can only cater for a small party. Nether less, if you ignore all the walls and only focus on the table then you can feel the atmosphere of a restaurant.

As with many restaurant you usually have to order from a set menu that is for private room bookings. At Cote St Pauls you have the choice of a hot or continental breakfast menu, 2 or 3 course set meal, sandwiches and canapés. I had the choice of the 2 or 3 course set meal, and of course to try as much of a restaurant menu I went for the 3 course set meal (£29.95).

Each courses there was a large selections to cater for every one and even with someone like me who is currently watching my diet found something.

Starters there was the choice of seasonal soup, Calamari, Warm Roquefort salad, Terrine (duck, chicken and pork liver terrine served with sourdough bread), Smoked salmon, Rillettes (shredded duck and pork pate with toasted sourdough bread).

I choice the breaded calamari with sprinkle of garlic and parsley, served with lemon and tartare sauce. It was beautifully presented in a mini pan but the disappointment was that it was fairly salty then it need to be.

Mains there was the choice of mushroom & Spinach Crêpe, Poulet Grillé (Chargrilled butterflied chicken breast with wild mushroom, creme frachie and thyme sauce, served with gratin potato), 8oz sirloin steak served with frites, watercress and garlic butter

I choice the Salmon Hollandaise, which was a pan roasted salmon, served with new potatoes green beans and hollandaise sauce. The first impression of my dish was the fish looked like it was over cooked, and it prove it when I tasted it. Otherwise it would have been a beautiful dish, with a great combination of vegetables.

If I was not trying to eat more fish and vegetable, I would have probably gone for the best dish of the evening – pan roasted duck breast served with gratin potato and a griottine cherry sauce.

Desserts there was a selection Crème Caramel, Chocolate Mousse or Ice cold summer berries with warm white chocolate sauce.

I choice Crème Brûlée, although I was so tempted to order my favourite Tarte fine aux pommes. 

The set meal was all were served with bread and butter, which we were munching at the start of the meal. In addition, we got various side dishes (creamed spinach, French beans and glazed carrots) with our mains, to share around the table.

Cotes (St Pauls)
26 Ludgate Hill


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