Palm Court Brasserie

As Chez Gerard in Covent Garden is closed for refurbishment, it seems a good excuse to try out a new restaurant. Since French food has lately been at the top of my agenda, it was a visit to Palm Court Brasserie which is situated nearby to Covent Garden piazza.

The restaurant probably would not have been my first pick if I was walking pass. I would have more likely gone straight pass the overgrown leaves covering Palm Court Brasserie. The other restaurants that are on the same street seem to have a more attractive appear for my taste. But there is a saying that you should never judge a book by its cover.

The restaurant was buzzing with people on a Friday night, but there was no need to queue for a table of two. We were seated within seconds at a table near the front of the restaurant’s by the window. This table probably would not be one I would advise to take, as it had this big green plant right beside one of the seat.

I was glad to open up a menu which had some classic French dishes, such as French onion soup with gruyère cheese, mussels with frites, steak, duck etc. Even to my surprise to see Dauphnoise potatoes (£3.25) which is not always serve in many London French restaurant.

I have been craving Dauphnoise potatoes, so it was no surprise I ordered it to go with my main. But to my disappointment it was not the texture I expected, since it felt more harder. It did not compare to the one I had at Chez Gerard a few years ago, and definitely no way near to the ones I had in France.

For my main I had the roast sea fillet served with french beans, black olives, cherry tomatoes & basil pesto (£14.95). There were many other dishes which I wanted to try but I felt like fish that evening, so went for this Mediterranean inspired dish. The fish was nicely cooked with full of flavours from the other ingredients on the plate.

Palm Court Brasserie is a nice restaurant with decent service. Our waiter was friendly and made sure we were happy that evening. But it is probably one of those restaurant where I visit once and unlikely to return. The atmosphere just was not there for us, but it might also could be where we were sitting; beside a big green plant.

The menu selection was nice, but the quality did not mirror in each dishes we ordered which could be due to my taste. I actually prefer other Covent Garden restaurants like Chez Gerard and Cotes. But of course it does not compare with my current favourite Glavin Bristrot de Luxe for French cuisines. However, it is unfair to compare it against a fine dining restaurant.

Prices was average at Palm Court and is comparable to places like Chez Gerard, Cotes and Café Rouge. So I would consider it to be a restaurant for many people budget.

Palm Court Brasserie
39 King Street,
Covent Garden,


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