Bread Street Kitchen

A farewell dinner was organised for a friend at Bread Street Kitchen, which has been brought to you by the team at Gordan Ramsay. The restaurant is located in London St Paul’s One New Change and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The breakfast menu is simple but it does interest me, as they serve the basic such as cereals, toast, fruit salad, porridge etc. It is great for those who are a little short of time to have breakfast at home. For those who wants a cooked breakfast then there is the classic English breakfast or eggs benedict. I will have to remember this place as part of my choice for breakfast if I am ever around the area in the early morning.

The dinner menu was simple which was all covered on one page. It reminded me how much I have heard Ramsey Gordan said on his programme where he helps save people’s business, that a menu should be simple. The dishes was organised in section by different methods of cooking, such as raw bar, hot kitchen and wood oven. With a compact selection on the menu, I personally found it easy to choose what to order.

After being served with some beautiful soft bread, I started my first course with a bowl of mixed leaf salad (£6.50). It does not sound exciting and probably was not worth the price. You could have got a bag of mixed leaf salad and drizzle with some olive oil for a fraction of that price. But since that week I was trying to stay away from meat and dairy products, I choice a simple bowl of salad. It was probably better as a side dish to accompany a dish.

My recommendation for a first course would be a dish under the starter section from either the wood oven or hot kitchen. Friends went for two starters to share from the wood oven since we found it more interesting then from the hot kitchen.

One of these starters we ordered was the tamarind chicken wings served with spring onions and coriander (£8). When it arrived my first impression was it was like BBQ chicken wings. I was told that it tasted like BBQ chicken wings and they could not taste tamarind.

The second starter which caught our eyes on the menu was the crispy pig’s head served with a green chilli mayonnaise (£8.50). Inside the breaded breadcrumb was a saucy minced meat texture, which tasted similar to a Chinese dim sum.

For my main, I could not decide between the various fish dishes, but after recommendation from the waiter I went for the grilled Longford Estate trout, served with a lemon (£16). It was definitely a good recommendation as it was boneless trout which was cooked just perfect. My only criticism was that it was fairly pricey for just a piece of fish served with a cut lemon. But it is fish which overall is expensive to buy.

The fish did come with some greens but I did separately ordered a portion of the honey carrots under the list of sides on the money. This had an interesting grainy texture but it was too sweet. It was not a large portion but I struggled to finish it with my fish since it was like eating sugar.

Friends ordered the slow-roasted Dingley Dell pork belly served with spiced apple sauce (£16). But feedback from friends was that the skin of the pork belly was hard than crispy, so made it difficult to cut.

Other dishes that was ordered on the table was a fish pie, which actually looks smaller than the photo. It was served in a cute size, but I think that if you have a hungry stomach then you probably need a side dish to accompany it. However, fish pie can be filling and sometime restaurants can serve them too big to finish.

The main dishes we ordered, none really came with much or no accompany. I suppose that is why there was a separate section for sides which includes hand cut chips. This might suit some people who is looking to have a light dinner.

I did not have the opportunity to taste the desserts, but it looks good as I could see British desserts was on the menu, such as bread and butter pudding. The treacle tart would have taken my fancy since I miss a good homemade treacle tart, well my memorable one has to be the school canteen. You can not say that school canteen does not provide you some tasty food!

Presentation for the food was beautiful, but in terms of quality there is room for improvement. I am not sure if my disappointment is because I walked in with high standard for being a Ramsey Gordan’s restaurant.

Although Bread Street Kitchen is not as expensive as his other restaurants, it was fairly expensive for an average meal. Especially if you take consideration on the portion sides and having to order separate side dishes if you wanted accompaniment with your mains. But then it is located in the city which probably have many potential customers who are willing to spend that much money.

Overall, the food was okay and the service was good all evening. We had a helpful waiter who was happy to answer questions about the dishes on the menu. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere to dine and make it an ideal place to go after work where you can relax and chat. The decoration has a rustic feel to it which personally felt like it had a masculine touch that reminds me a place where bankers or lawyers might choose to eat.

Bread Street Kitchen
10 Bread Street,

(Located in St Pauls One New Change)


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