Sketch (Gallery)

Before Christmas, me and a group of friends visited Sketch for dinner at the gallery room. This room had a changing video wall, although the whole evening we only saw the night view of London. It was like dining with a view of London 360 degree.

When we opened the menu, out popped up some forks. A simple menu can be dressed up to be special with pop-up forks.

There are a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to choose. I ordered a nice tropical non-alcoholic cocktails, containing passionfruit and lychee.

While waiting we munched on some warm bread with butter. This was served in a Lego built box. It indeed shows us what you can do with these colourful bricks.


Puglia 2 – burrata mozzarella, spinach velouté with Parmesan, tomato and basil, green pepper sorbet, fresh nuts (£12). This was the one cold starter we ordered to try and it was fairly nice if you like your salads.

Chantilly Lace – Lobster bisque with three colour basmati rice and horseradish cream (£11). This dish has a wooden, seafood flavour. It has a beautiful name, however this starter did not get my favour with my taste buds.
Pollock – Piquillos filled with pollock brandade, coco beans, spicy jus, olives, chorizo (£14). This has to be my favourite starter of the evening which had a mediterranean flavours.

Main Course:

We shared the starters to be able to try a bit of each, but with the portion size you can have one for yourself and still have room to go for a main and dessert. For our mains, we ordered one each.

My main was the  roast scallops served with gratin of celeriac and pear, parmesan tuile with bacon and paprika (£29). The scallops were beautifully cooked and was a good combination with the gratin of celeriac and pear.

I was tempted to order the pan-fried halibut fillet instead, that is served with grilled sweet potatoes, Thai grapefruit, green apple, green mango, lime, sesame oil (£32). But it was the combination of the fruits which made me choose the scallops over the beautiful cooked halibut fillet.

Beef fillet with Sarawak black pepper, roasted parsnip with tarragon (£35).

We ordered a few sides to share between us with our mains. Out of the selection of sides included gratin dauphinois (£6), pont-neuf (£6) and steamed vegetables (£5).

L’Ardechois – Chestnut and pistachio gâteau, blueberry ice cream, Genepi syrup (£11).

If you like chocolate then you will like the chocolate gateau that has Caramel fudge with Maldon salt butter, Caraïbe chocolate cream, dark chocolate (£9). It definitely get my thumbs-up for a dark chocolate fan.
I was going to choose the chocolate gateau but opted to try the Deauville 2. This is a poached Royal Gala apple in redcurrant and farmed cider, served with green apple and Calvados granité, «sablé Normand» (£10). I definitely do not regret ordering this dessert as it was a beautiful refreshing dessert. The combination with the apple and Calvadoes granité balanced out the sharp taste from the royal gala apple.

Nico’s Play – Genoese with rum, Chantilly cream, vanilla parfait, light meringue, confit orange (£9). This was a dessert that almost tempted me to order by its name. However, I am not a big fan of meringue but it was actually a nice tasteful dessert.
Not only was the name interesting, so was the presentation of the dessert. I wondered what was on the mind of this person to create an artwork like the Nico’s Play.
The whole resturant is like a gallery in not just the decoration, but the little details on the pottery such as the teapot.

We had bread served in a box made of Lego bricks. The sugar cubes for the tea came served in a Russian doll. That give me another idea what I can make use of Russian dolls on my shelf. Not only do they look pretty but they can be useful as well.
Overall the food was ok, but apart from the desserts the other course did not give  that feeling of it being exceptional. I was expecting more French cuisines but  found it being more fusion with a hint of Oriental touch in the food. However, the service was fabulous that evening.
The highlight at Sketch’s gallery for us ladies was the toilets, which was like travelling in to the future. Each cubicle was a shape of an egg or I like to think of us a space pod. When you close the door music starts to play and there is a maid to look after these toilets.
It was interesting that it was an open toilet for both male and female. There are stairs that lead to the toilets from the bar. It was rather odd as you could see people drinking outside the bar from the view of the toliets. Then those drinking outside the bar could see above the toliets.
At first it was confusing to work out which side was female or male. But it finally made sense as the lighting was different for both side, where one was blue and another pink.
It was one expensive meal, where we spent about £60 per person (including drinks and service). This is cost without alcohol, so could not guess how much it would have been if we had alcohol. So far it is the most expensive I have spent for my meal, even more than at Hakkasan and Nobu.
Sketch (Gallery)
9 Conduit Street

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