Old Justice Pub

If you think this must be a pub review then you will be surprise. I am actually reviewing Korean food that is served at the Old Justice. From the name and the look outside or inside, many of us will only have thought this is a normal pub. Little could we have guess that thiswould be a Korean restaurant serving the well known Korean BBQ.

Sitting in the Old Justice the atmosphere was like being in Korea. Majority of the customers was young Koreans, which many looked like students. But you cannot be surprise when you can get Korean BBQ buffet for £16.99 per person, that provides you with unlimited serving of BBQ meat.

The meat includes various beef and pork. Unfortunately, the evening we went there was no marinated meat, so we had to have the same second plate of non-marinated meat.

The cooked BBQ meat could be eaten in various way to everyones own taste. The simplest is to dip each cooked meat with any of the accompany sauces. Although, each meat does have it designated sauces.

My favourite option is something refreshing which is to is to wrap the meat in lettuce and add some bean sauce.


The Korean BBQ buffet comes with two starters of the day. We got cooked mussels and sliced tofu served with warm Kimchee. The mussels was bland and needed some flavouring. The tofu have to be enjoyed with the warm Kimchee, otherwise it would be too plain. But it shows how Kimchee is an ingredient that can be used in many ways.

Along with the starters the buffet came with a Korean soup of the day and some rice. The rice was nice to have with the soup or to accompany the cooked BBQ meats, especially ifit was marinated meat.

There was also some small appetisers of marinated beansprouts and cold Kimchee. They were both provided to us at the start of the meal. I’m not too sure if these were part of the buffet, but the menu did list that it comes with Kimchee.

Although, it serves Korean food the Old Justice does not loose the identity of being a pub. Even the Aloe Vera drink was served with a beer glass. The drink range itself is not large and maybe because it is a pub it does not serve any type of warm tea to have with our food.

My first advise is order drinks that looks popular, so take a look around what people are drinking on the various tables.

We had a table right next to the entrance and since the waitress felt it was smokey they kept opening the door. However, some of us was feeling cold so it was like a game of closing and opening door. I was lucky to had brought my fleece with me to keep warm, otherwise I was tempting to put my big fat coat. I could picture in the cold winter season with people eating and steam coming out their mouth.

My second advise is that you have to be prepare to eat in the cold, so if you are afraid of the cold then bring your woollies with you to keep yourself warm.

Although, the buffet was £16.99 per person however once you include drinks and service charge we spent about £20 per person. Overall, it was a great experience but do not expect too much from Old Justice in both food and service. It is not a place for everyone, especially if you have high standards when you eat out.

Old Justice Pub
94 Bermondsey Wall East
SE16 4TY



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