Livebait (Covent Garden)

As we got a great value of money offer with my Taste Card at Cafe des Amis, we thought we try using it at Livebait (Covent Garden) which had 50% offer on food.

The restaurant serves fish and seafood, which is located very near to the heart of Covent Garden. Although the place itself looks small, it has a fairly big dining area. But I felt the decoration was a big out dated.

The menu range is not large with majority of them seafood dishes which is not a surprise, but there are steaks and pure vegetarian dishes for those who might not want to have seafood.

We ordered a starter portion of mussels in white wine and garlic sauce, that came served with pieces of bread (£7.25). Since there was not much sauce and taste, the over dish lacked flavour. I actually felt Belgo’s mussels dishes was better, although I prefer to go for a cream based sauce which was not an option at Livebait.


For main, we ordered Livebait’s fish and chips (£14.50) which is apparently their famous dish. We had the choice of haddock or cod for fish, but to me fish and chips have to be cod. The dish came served on a bed of chunky chips and tartare sauce. The feedback of this dish was that it was an average fish and chip.

I actually prefer my fish breaded, but usually this option is not available in many restaurant.  So, I ordered the pan-fried smoked haddock (£14.95), that came served with poached egg, mash and mustard sauce.

The combination was nice and the mustard sauce to my surprise was not strong at all. It was a compliment to the pan-fried smoked haddock, which already has a strong smokey taste. The only disadvantage to this dish was I actually wanted to have, and felt the fish was small.

The prices above were the original price of the dishes, which I personally felt was expensive. I would not want to pay more than £10 for a fish and chips, unless it was something special. So after the 50% off the food, the price of each our main dishes was more a value I would pay.

Including a bottle of water, service dishes and the three dishes, we saved £20 with the Taste Card. So for two people, it cost us about £12 per person with the 50% discount, otherwise we would have spent double of that. In this hard economy time, its about cutting and saving.

21 Wellington Street,
Covent Garden,


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