It is hard to find buffet like in Asia where you can find a range of cuisines around the world. So it was excitement when I got the opportunity to visit Cosmo. As it was a public holiday and we did not make a booking, we had to queue up. But lucky it was not too long before we got a table.

The place is huge that is filled with pan-Asian cuisines, althought I remember seeing European section serving roast and pizza. There is something for everyone and at a reasonable price. Although, the disadvantage is there’s a time limit of 1 hour and 45 minutesto race through all the different food.

Not all the food are left kept warm for people to pick. But there are live station, such as Teppenyaki where you can watch your chosen ingredients cooked right in your very eyes. But the queue just take up so much time that you could find yourself lose out on going around the other stations.

The choice is large that it includes seafoods – such as lobster, King Prawn, crabs, scallops etc. There is even a dim sum station which produce some beautiful looking dim sums. It felt like I was at a hotel having buffet!

It is great for desserts fans like me, as there is range of dessert which are tiny size so you can try as many of them. If you prefer something more healthy than many fruits to fill your stomach, as well many children’ favourite of the chocolate fountain.

I do love Cosmo for buffet and will want to go there again. The only disadvantage is the time length to eat is short. I would have prefered if it was at least a minimum of 2 hours dining time. I cannot wait to go there again!


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