Cafe des Amis

Cafe des Amis is a French restaurant located on a side alley street off Long Acre in Covent Garden. It is a two floored modern decorated restaurant, which to my surprise was busy for a late Friday evening.

The menu is covered by two A4 pages with a selection of starters, mains and sides. Then desserts and drinks are covered on a separate menu.

For starters, I started with a French onion soup with toasted gruyere bread which was a big portion for a starter. The soup itself was better than some UK London restaurant but not the best French onion soup I have tasted. The Cafe des Amis version had a lot of herbs which actually did not take my favour.

My food companion choice the asparagus wrapped in Parma ham served with poached egg and hollandaise sauce. This was a good starter choice, so if you prefer not having onions then this could be a good alternative.

For main, I choice the rib-eye steak served with peppercorn sauce and triple cooked chips. I’m not sure what triple cooked chips but they were chunky chips to me. My only criticism with the dish was my steak was a little bit on the over cooked side, since I did asked for it to be medium.

The chicken pasta we also ordered is a good dish to fill a hungry stomach, as it was a good decent size portion.

We finish the meal with a sweet dessert from the choices available. There is a good selection of desserts to choose from, including the chef selection.

We ordered the divine chocolate fondant which was served with ice cream. It certainly divine with the flowing chocolate lava.

My recommended dessert would be the warm caramelised apple tart served with vanilla ice cream. A fluffy crispy pastry filled with sliced apples that went well with the vanilla ice cream. Unlike many apple tart this was sweet and not left with a sour apple taste. Delicious!

As we booked using the London taste card we got 50% off our food. So the overall bill include a bottle of still water and service charge came to about £70. But with the discount we saved about £30 on the 3 course meal for 2 people.

I would return to Cafe des Amis with the use of the London taste card or maybe try one of their special offer menu. But not sure if I would go there without taking a meal offer.

Cafe des Amis
11-14 Hanover Place


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