I have been wanting to write about Ladudu since it opened its doors this year to the public, but it has not reached my list until now. I have also been wanting to give Ladudu a second visit, however that opportunity has not yet arrived.

My first visit was when it had only opened for the first week, so it was a new-born baby that had arrived in West Hampstead. Ladudu is only located a few minutes walk from West Hampstead station.

The restaurant itself feels like a cafe and has a modern relax atmosphere about the place. When I entered in to Ladudu it felt smaller than I thought it was, with upstairs being the dining area and downstairs is the kitchen.

The menu selection is not big compared to some Vietnamese restaurants I have been. But then a smaller selection should make it easy to decide what to order.

There is a range of hot and cold drink including Vietnamese coffee. The restaurant also serves alcohol drinks such as beer and wines. If you want to stick to a Vietnamese theme then there is the option of Vietnamese beer.

I choice to try Ladudu’s iced tea since it was a fairly warm day. The drink was a very light iced tea, and I prefered mine to have more flavour.

As well as ordering our own dishes we decided to try their Banh Cuon (warm rice paper crepe) to share. It is supposed to be fresh steam rice paper wrapped with meat. However, it was the one dish that was disappointing because it had no steam and the end of the roll was dry.

The main dishes was better than our appetizer, where I ordered a beef pho. It might not be the best pho broth I have had but the whole package of the pho had Ladudu own style

The pho came with a separate dish of garnish – beansprouts, fresh chillies, limes, and herb leaves. Also there was a tub of sauce which included hoi sin sauce. The sauce went well with the beef to give it a different flavour, as well bringing the whole beef pho to life.

On the table was also the Com Tam which is pan-fried pork served with a fried egg, some salad and jasmine rice.

We finished off the meal with dessert and we shared the Banh Trang Ngt (pandan pancake with coconut filling and ice cream). We thought it came served with coconut ice cream but to our surprise and even better it tasted more like pandan ice cream.

This dessert was a good recommendation, and make it a good choice for those who like their nuts and coconuts.

Although, it seem like a mixed review for me I would still give Ladudu another try. It was my first visit and also the first week when it was officially open, so things are never perfect. But I suppose no matter we were still a paying customers who expect satisfactory dishes and services.

152 West End Road
West Hampstead


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