Da Polpo

I have heard about Polpo and Polpetto but never had the opportunity to try any of these restaurants in the Polpo family, until the news of its new sister, called Da Polpo opened a few months ago.

Da Polpo is located in Covent Garden, on the same street as Fire and Stone. The restaurant merge well with all the other shops nearby, that I would have hardly notice this little gem here.

This little casual restaurant serves small Italian sizes dishes with a flair of American to it.  The menu itself is covered all on one side of a paper table mat. The range of food dishes is not large, but sometime a smaller menu means you are not overwhelmed by what to order. Its better to have a smaller menu where each dishes are serve at its very best.

Da Polpo

We order a pork shoulder and pickled pepper pizza (£6) from the pizza selection. The pizza was not as mini as I thought it was, but a good size to share. I would say almost the size of a Pizza Express’s pizza.

If you like the taste of sour pickles then this is a good choice. The pickled pepper brought the pizza to life with its sharp pickle taste. I love how just right it was cooked with the melted cheese on the soft pizza bread, which made it a delightful start to the evening.

I aim for my next visit to try the asparagus, taleggio, speck pizza. I still have not found a place that does a asparagus, parma ham and egg pizza which Pizza Express used to do before removing it off their menu. I wonder if Da Polpo might have something similar to fill that hole.

From the plates section, we ordered the grilled thin-cut sirloin (£8.50). We got a tender slice of sirloin which came served with Italian salad leafs in an olive oil dressing.

On the menu there is a meatballs section which has a selection of various meatballs – Classic beef & pork, Lamb & mint, Spicy pork & fennel, Chickpea, spinach & ricotta.

You can order the meatballs on their own which cost around about £4.50 – £5, or your can order either the spaghetti or the Piadina meatball smash with a choice of any one of the meatballs.

The Spaghettini & meatballs (£7) we choice to have it with the classic beef and pork meatballs. I was actually surprise that the portion was not that small, it was a good size to share between two with other small dishes.

The Pidina meatball smash (£8) we choice to have it with the spicy pork & fennel. This was flat bread filled with smashed meatballs with tomatoes sauce and melted mozzarella.

This was no mini flatbread but like a full portion. It was filled with piles of smashed meatball. This was good indulgence food, which was just as good as having a beef burger.

My stomach was really full after these 4 dishes since they were the largest dishes on the menu and the meats in those meatballs are filling. We did take the waiters advise that 2 people would need 4-5 dishes, however did not take the other half of her advise that the 4 dishes we choice was the largest one and it was advice to only take either the spaghetti or the meatball smash.

Well we somehow managed to finish it all, even the salad that came with the piadina meatball smash. Although my stomach was full, I managed to have dessert.

We ordered a coconut flavoured gelato cone (£4). The cone that the one scoop of gelato was sitting on was long. It has to be the longest ice cream cone I have seen so far. The coconut gelato reminded me of the milk ice lolly I used to love having as a child. Although it had a strong milk taste, you could taste the coconut flavour with coconut bits.

The Tiramisu pot (£4.50) has to be the best Tiramisu I have had so far. It was a beautiful creamy Tiramisu that was full of  coffee flavour. The Da Polpo version is more creamy than a spongy type of Tiramisu, which definitely has my thumb up.

I do like Da Polpo with its rustic style, this makes it a good place to have lunch/dinner with colleagues or friends. It will be a place I want to return again.

For two people we spent a total of £49.50, which included a bottle of water and a 12.5% discretionary service charge.

(Price are correct at the time of dining).

Da Polpo
6 Maiden Lane
Covent Garden



One thought on “Da Polpo

  1. The pizza looks so delicious and quite intimidating! And the ice-creams looks so yummy! Might even have to pop to Da Polpo.. thank god its in Covent Garden 🙂 Great blog!

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