Cote – Covent Garden

Cote is a French bistro restaurant which has branches in various areas around UK. We visited the branch that is located in London Covent Garden.

For starters, I choice the seared scallops (£7.95) served with bacon, salads and lentils in a garlic dressing. Although, the menu describes it as a garlic dressing, I do not remember it to have a strong garlic taste. However, the strong vinaigrette taste is still fixed clearly in my memory. This dish was a nice light start to the meal.

The main I choice the fish parmentier which the menu described as cod, haddock, prawn and salmon in a cream white wine and leek sauce, that was topped with mash potato and gruyère cheese. In short it was actually a fish pie.

When placing the order I did not expected to have a fish pie but that could be due to my lack of knowledge. The dish itself was fine but it was disappointing, since I did not manage to find a single prawn in the dish, as described on the menu.

With my disappointment of the fish parmentier, I actually should have gone for the steaks, which comes served with frites and salads. The restaurant offers you rib eye (£14.50), sirloin (16.50) and fillet (17.95) steak of you choice. Also, with an additional charge you can order sauces to go with it, such as garlic butter, peppercorn sauce, béarnaise sauce or Roquefort butter.

All the food we ordered were beautifully presented and the service that evening was fine for a busy Saturday. It was just my disappointing main that I ordered, so maybe if I went for other dishes on the menu the outcome of my first dining experience at Cote would have been different.

Prices are correct at the time of dining.

Cote  (Covent Garden)
17-21 Tavistock Street,


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