Pret A Manger – Summer Salads

The beginning of the week started with the beautiful UK summer sun. In such warm weather like these, salads seem to make a good choice for lunch.

Pret’s sandwiches and warm Danish has been a firm favourite with, but I never seem to be a fan of their salads. The range they had were small and without pasta.

However, recently Pret has introduce a new and larger range of Summer salads. One of these includes a pasta and chicken salad, which contains farfalle pasta with sweet garden peas in a lemon dressing, accompany with sliced chicken, roasted red peppers and rockets.

When I first brought the audition pack, the pasta in the creamy lemon dressing had no taste due to the lack of seasoning. However, having brough a few of these for lunch it seem to have improved. It was not tasteless and the flavour was light enough to combine well with the strong flavours of the roasted red peppers and rockets.


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