Cay Tre Soho


When I heard that Cay Tre had recently opened a branch in Soho, I almost jumped with excitement. The possibility of not having to go all the way to Old Street for Vietnamese cuisines at Cay Tre does sound good.

Unfortunately, as I opened the menu my excitement became disappointment. The menu at Cay Tre Soho was different to the branch at Old Street ( It was a much smaller selection and the dishes looked more fusion.

We ordered the Chefs Vinh Beef (£9.50) from the starters selection, which was charcoal five spiced rib eye beef that was served with a fragrant dipping. You could taste the charcoal in each beef and it went well with the dipping which combined it to make it a fragrant starter.


I was hoping to order a meatball Pho but as the menu was different, so I ordered the corn-fed chicken Pho (£8.50). When it arrived I could smell the fragrant broth, but £8.50 it seem expensive for just a few shredded corn-fed chicken.

As with all Pho we got a separate plate of fresh Thai basil, beansprouts, chillies and lemon wedges to accompany the noodle soup.



We also tried the Com Saigon (£9) which is pan-fried pork chop, fried egg served with steamed rice. It also came with some salad and a dipping to go with the dish.


Although the food was nice, it did seem expensive. The dishes including the Pho was more expensive than Cay Tre in Old Street.

Even though it is located in Soho and modernly design, I am not sure if I would rush to dine again. It’s not the Cay Tre I know or would have like to see.

Cay Tre Soho
42-43 Dean Street


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