Are you a fan of mangos and desserts? If that is a yes, then you will like MADD, as this shop sells a range of mango inspired desserts e.g. mango pudding, mango bowl, mango sago, MADD crunch and many more.

If you cannot choose then how about you go for the Mango MADDness which is a selection platter that is great for sharing. The platter contains panna cotta, mixed fruits, mango pudding, diced fresh mango and sticky rice.

The sticky rice seems to give it a Thai inspiration to the dessert, and since it does not have much flavour apart from the fragrance of rice, this make it great combination with the panna cotta or the mango pudding.

But it is not just about the mango concept that I like about MADD, it is also that I can enjoy my desserts while playing board games found in MADD’s game box.

At the back of the shop is a small seating area or what I would refer to as the play area! Here is where you can sit down to eat your dessert and have the option to also play either Jenga, chess, Monopoly, UNO or connect four.

It is a great place to hang out with friends and past some time. It brings back the fun of board games which seems to have lost in the current computer age.


Even a simple game such as Jenga can bring so much excitement and spend hours just playing this clever designed game.  Although, the game might look easy, it is fairly hard to keep a block of wood structure from falling when you are removing them turn by turn and the structure becomes more and more unstable.


If you ever need to decide where you and your friends should go after dinner, then think about visiting MADD. It is located just a few doors away from Bubbleology and is embedded on a street which can be packed with people in the surrounding pubs and clubs.

53 Rupert Street


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