Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant (和民)

Watami now seems so local to me since I have been there numbers of time. It is a restaurant I seem to dine when I visit Hong Kong. Each visit never seem to bored me because I always seem to find something different to try on their menu.

It is a Japanese fusion franchise restaurant that has various branches in Hong Kong. The atmosphere of each restaurant is the same throughout which gives you a modern casual feel. It is a great place to eat with friends or just for a casual dinner since the price is reasonable.

They have a large range of dishes you can choose from salads, sushi, rice, noodle, desserts and snacks etc. It’s what I love about Watami it make it a place to go with a group of friends and order a range of dishes to share.

My favourite is the Sukiyaki that comes with thinly sliced beef, carrots, spring onions, Chinese leaf, fresh Chinese mushroom, enoki mushroom, tofu and an egg. 

Deep Fried Scallops & Tofu was like fish cake, which was garnish with some spring onions and served with minced ginger.

The baked scallops with butter was served on a sizzling pan so the scallops got over cooked while we were more busy eating the other  dishes that had arrived on our table.

Although it is a Japanese cuisine restaurant the menu had what I feel is more Korean inspiration, such as the garlic and butter seafood stone pot rice.

There are a range of desserts that Watami also served. I had the milk pudding which was disappointing as it tasted nice but the actual pudding looks like it had not set. If it had then it look like it was melting.

Although the milk pudding was disappointing, the chocolate tiramisu is recommended instead. It was a nice cream pudding that was full of flavours.



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