Victoria Harbour Restaurant (海港燒鵝海鮮酒家) – HK

My aunt recommended to visit Victoria Harbour restaurant, as it is popular for their roast goose. Therefore, we visited one in Sheung Shui which we had the opportunity to  visit twice – once for lunch and another for dinner.

However, I will share with you the photos from lunch which was on a busy Saturday afternoon. As any locals will tell you that you should always avoid yum char on the weekend because the queue will be long. We had to wait over an hour for a table of four.

When we finally seated we ordered a portion of the roasted meat – roast goose and crispy pork. The roast goose is beautiful but personally I cannot tell the different in eating a roast duck or roast goose. 

Along with ordering a portion of roast meat we called some dim sum. The restaurant has a large variety choice of dim sum from tradition to more special ones such as the coffee layered cake. This is like a cold jelly which was fully infused with coffee. This is great for those people who love coffee.

My favourite from the coconut milk bird nest pudding (椰皇燉官燕) which was served warm in the coconut shell. I believe they serve this in the evening as well for dessert.

Victoria Harbour Restaurant (海港燒鵝海鮮酒家)
Shop 2092,
Sheung Shui Centre (Block 2),
Sheung Shui,
Hong Kong



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