Toast Box (土司工坊) – HK

When I was planning on my food journey in Hong Kong, Toast Box was one that I was interested in visiting. It was first established in Singapore a few years ago and has now expanded to various countries in Asia.

Toast Box is like a cafe and as the name suggest its concept is toast. But toast is not just served at Toast Box, there are various drinks such as their coffee. In addition to toast they also serve rice and noodles with Singapore flavours.

The toast menu of course is not just your average butter or jam spread toast. It is toast Asia style with toppings such as pork floss, which I was so tempting to try. However, that day I felt like having a toast with Kaya and butter.

Kaya is a coconut egg jam which is a spread for bread, and is nice whether the bread is toasted or not. It has a taste of coconut and pandan leaf. The Toast Box Kaya has honey which probably make it so tasty that the Kaya I buy in London just does not give me the same flavour. I should have brought a few jars of Toast Box’s Kaya back with me!

The Kaya toast was nice for something so simple, but since on the very same morning I had a Hong Kong styled melon bun with butter that was as thick as the one in my Kaya toast, I had to scoop most of the butter out of the toast. I am not used to having a slice of butter as this thick.

My Kaya toast came with a choice of egg – boiled or fried. I decided that day to have it with a fried egg which was perfectly cooked with a runny yolk centre, that was great combination with my toast so it was not as dry.

Along with the food I ordered one of their milk tea, which was beautifully silky. It was also interesting to watch the staff making the tea over the counter. It looks like a simple milk tea but the technique in making one seems so complicated.

We also ordered the Laksa to try which had a broth full of flavour, and although it looked spicy it was actually not that too burning.

Toast Box is a great place for breakfast with a choice of toast that can be served with egg, or for lunch with their choices of noodles.

Toast Box (土司工坊)
Level 4A, Langham Place,
8 Argyle Street,
Mong Kok,
Hong Kong



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