Lei Garden Restaurant 利苑酒家 (旺角)

My Michelin journey in Hong Kong continue with a visit at Lei Garden Restaurant (利苑酒家), which received Michelin one star in both 2010 and 2011. There are various branches around in Hong Kong that can be found in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island district. We visited the Mong Kok branch for lunch and was surprise for a weekday there was a wait for a table of two.

I wanted to try their signature dish, the crispy roast pork (冰燒三層肉) which apparently has crispy crackling top, a layer of fat and lean meat. However, it was unfortunate that along with the egg tarts it was sold out by 1pm.

Instead we ordered the Beef Shin (滷水牛展) that I was glad to have eaten since it is the best beef shin dish we had so far. It was warm and full of flavour, as well moist with it being served in sauce. Although, the beef shin had a good mix of fat, you could hardly notice as it was like jelly.

Since we were there for lunch it was dim sum, so along with the beef shin we ordered some dim sum which is a self tick ordering sheet.

The baked turnip pastry (蘿蔔千絲酥) was beautiful baked with a soft flaky pastry that has filled with moist shredded turnip inside. Compared to ones I have had in London this had good balance of taste.

The baked roast pork pastry (叉燒酥) was golden yellow. There was enough sauce to prevent the roast pork inside from being dry.

The layered custard sponge cake (千層糕) was soft and fluffy cake but I would have prefer a thicker layer of custard to give it a bit more flavour.

The har gau (蝦餃) pastry might not be as crystal clear as Tim Ho Wan the Dim-Sum Specialists (添好運點心專門店) but I actually prefer the taste of the har gau at Lei Garden.

The Siu Mai (燒賣) tasty fragrant of fresh Chinese mushroom.

I jumped with excitement when I caught eye of Loh Sa Bao (流沙包) on the menu. This is a steamed bun filled with lava of salted egg yolk mixture. It is less common to find this bun in London and the only place that have it as a regular item on their dim sum menu is China Palace located near London Excel centre.

The loh sa bai at Lei Garden was beautiful. As I open up the bun, out flow the yellow egg yolk centre. Just writing about it make me miss my favourite Chinese steamed bun.

The Cheung Fun (腸粉) was smooth and silky.

The experience of having dim sum at Lei Garden is different to the one at Tim Ho Wan the Dim-Sum Specialists (添好運點心專門店). Lei Garden is large restaurant which atmosphere make it great to have lunch or dinner for large groups or a great business dining place. So it is no surprise the price of each dim sum is slightly a higher price, but affordable.

Lei Garden Restaurant 利苑酒家 (旺角)
121 Sai Yee St,
Mong Kok,
Hong Kong

Other Branches in Hong Kong:

Shop 3008, Two International Finance Centre Mall,
1 Harbour View Street,

2 U/F Houston Ctr,
63 Mody Rd,
Tsim Sha Tsui

Shop 2068-70,
2/F Elements,
1 Austin Road West,
Tsim Sha Tsui

10/F Times Square,
1 Matheson Street,
Causeway Bay



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